CE Audit at a Glance


To assure certified individuals comply with CBDM recertification requirements to maintain their CDM, CFPP credential. Maintaining certification demonstrates the CDM, CFPP's commitment to professional growth and continued competence.


Conducted annually. Selected individuals are notified via e-mail on June 1 about selection for the CE Audit and required actions.


  • CDM, CFPPs whose three-year recertification periods ends May 31 may be randomly selected for the CE Audit, even if they have reported the minimum required CE requirements.

  • Others who do not comply with laws and regulations related to the profession, including ethical violations, may be selected.


  • CE record is reviewed for compliance with CBDM policy. View a list of definitions about certification and CE Audit status that you may see in your ANFP record.

  • All recertification and CE Audit requirements must be fully met by stated deadlines.

  • Deficiencies (CE hours and/or required documentation) identified during the CE Audit must be removed.

  • Certification status remains active during the CE Audit process and until the CE Audit process is complete, as long as the annual certification fees are paid up to date.

  • Failure to fully meet all recertification and CE Audit requirements will result in your certification being terminated.

What Next:

  • If you pass the CE Audit, your next recertification period begins when you receive written notice of passing the CE Audit.

  • If you fail the CE Audit:

    • Your certification will be terminated and you are no longer entitled to use the CDM, CFPP credential or represent yourself as being certified.

    • To become certified again, you will be required to meet a current pathway of eligibility, submit a new exam application with fees for review and approval, receive a passing score on the CDM Credentialing Exam, and activate your certification within one year of passing the exam.

    • You have the right to appeal the outcome of the CE Audit in accordance with the appeals policy.

COVID-19 Provisions

The CBDM made a policy change in January 2019 requiring CDM, CFPPs to meet all CE requirements (45 total continuing education hours, including 9 Sanitation/Safety CE hours and 1 Professional Ethics CE hour) by May 31 of the last year of their three-year recertification period. Individuals not meeting this requirement, would have their CDM, CFPP credential terminated. This policy was to be implemented as of May 31, 2020.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented challenges that we find our professional dealing with, the CBDM has made the decision to postpone implementation of this policy. Therefore, current recertification policies will remain in place.

What does this mean for me? For individuals whose three-year recertification period ends this year, i.e., May 31, 2021, your certification will not be terminated for not meeting the CE hour requirements. You will automatically be placed in the CE Audit process. Notification of your selection for CE Audit will be emailed to you at the email address on file in your record. To avoid missing critical communications about required actions and deadlines, make sure your contact information in your record is accurate and current. Failure to meet all recertification and CE Audit requirements will result in your certification being terminated.

Watch your emails for updates to CBDM polices or other matters regarding the CDM, CFPP Certification Program. You may also contact CBDM at info@CBDMonline.org or 800.323.1908, select option 1 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT).

Informational Video on CE Audit

For an overview of the CE Audit, watch the following informational video.

Download the CBDM Guide to Maintaining
Your CDM, CFPP Credential

For more detailed information about the following recertification policies, refer to the CBDM Guide to Maintaining your CDM, CFPP Credential and the Self-Reporting Frequently Asked Questions.

  • CE requirements
  • Eligible CE activities and required documentation
  • Recertification and CE Audit policy
  • How to self-report CE

Access the Guide

Access the CE Audit FAQs

Top 10 Tips for Recertification

CE Audit Status Definitions

If you are in the CE Audit and your ANFP record is not under CBDM review, you have access to review your reported CE activities. For a CE activity to be CBDM approved, all requirements must be met in accordance with CBDM policy and all submitted documentation must also comply with CBDM policy. Become familiar with the CE Audit status definitions.

Certification & CE Audit Status Definitions

CE Audit Extension

CBDM recognizes that there may be many situations that affect CDM, CFPPs personally and professionally, and may impact having the time to meet the CDM, CFPP recertification requirements. Individuals selected for CE Audit may be eligible for an extension to fulfill the CE Audit and recertification requirements. Learn more about how to qualify for an extension and other CE Audit policies below.

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CBDM Appeal Process

To submit an appeal to CBDM, you must do so in accordance with CBDM policy and you must use the CBDM Appeal Form. For more information about the CBDM Appeal policy, refer to the CBDM Guide to Maintaining Your CDM, CFPP Credential above.

Access the CBDM Appeal Form

CBDM Appeals Committee

An appellant may choose to appeal CBDM's decision by submitting their written intent to appeal to CBDM Appeals Committee at appeals@CBDMonline.org. The e-mail must also include the appellant's name, e-mail address, and mailing address as in their ANFP record. The CBDM Appeals Committee will be presented the same appeal that appellant submitted to CBDM. No new information will be presented. The decision of the CBDM Appeals Committee is final.

For more information about the Appeals process, refer to the CBDM Guide to Maintaining Your CDM, CFPP Credential.