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Exam Application Process Update: Effective June 1, 2021, individuals applying for the CDM Credentialing Exam must do so by submitting the online application with payment.

This means that after May 31, 2021, the following policies are effective:

  • CBDM will no longer accept hard copy exam applications submitted via e-mail, fax or mail.
  • Payment by check for the exam fee is no longer allowed or accepted. Exam fee payment must be submitted online as part of the online application process. Checks received by mail will be returned to the party who issued the check.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of information on verifiable documentation (e.g., transcript, Employment Verification Form, job description, Special Accommodation form, etc.), the exam application including any accompanying documentation will be destroyed if not received through the online exam application process. Be sure to make a copy of these documents for your records.

To submit an application for the exam, use the convenient, secure online process.

By registering for the exam, you attest that you have read the entire CDM Credentialing Exam Candidate Handbook and agree to abide by all stated policy.

According to the CBDM privacy policy, CBDM maintains confidentiality of candidate data and information.

Access the CDM Credentialing Exam Candidate Handbook 

*NOTE: The most recent version of the CDM Credentialing Exam Candidate Handbook PDF is dated March 16, 2021. If you are not seeing this version, please contact CBDM at or 800.323.1908.

To register online, you will be prompted to log into your ANFP record with your username and password.

  • New customers will need to create a new account.
  • If you already have an ANFP account, please do not create a new one. 
  • If you do not know your login information, use the “forgot my password” feature or call 800.323.1908, select option 1, for assistance.
  • Make sure you have the required transcripts, completed Employment Verification Form, employer-issued job description, etc. as required for the Eligibility Pathway under which you are applying. You will be required to upload the documents during the application process.
  • Have payment information available. To submit the application for processing, payment must be submitted. The exam fee is $399.

When submitting exam application and payment online, payment is processed immediately. If you do not fully meet a current eligibility pathway (as determined by CBDM) within 90 days of submitting the application online, credit will be issued for the payment, less a $50 processing fee. When all eligibility requirements have been met, you will then be required to reapply and submit an exam application with exam fees.

Individuals choosing to retake the exam for any reason must wait 90 days before they may reschedule their exam. They must meet current eligibility requirements and submit an exam application with fees for CBDM review and approval for each retake of the exam.

Register Online

Exam fees are not transferable to other parties/individuals, are not refundable, and cannot be canceled.

PSI now has over 98% of its Test Centers open. The Test Center site list (, now shows open sites, address, and capacity of that site. Note that some Test Centers are  operating at 50% seat capacity to accommodate social distancing requirements.  Please check this list to make sure the Test Center is available to schedule your exam as well as to complete your exam as scheduled. Approved exam candidates may now schedule or reschedule their exam. Scheduling will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Important Information from PSI and CBDM

To ensure the safety of its employees and the candidates, PSI follows strict safety procedures in line with federal, state, and local guidelines as well as guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). 

  • The health questionnaire ( MUST be completed and brought on the scheduled day. 
    • If a candidate fails to bring the required questionnaire, one will be provided on-site for completion prior to being allowed to test.
    • Candidates who answer "yes" to any of the first four questions will be denied admission and should not travel to the Test Center. They can reschedule online ( or by contacting PSI via e-mail ( 
  • ALL candidates must wear face masks at all times while in the Test Center.
    • Candidates who fail to bring and wear a face mask during the exam will be requested to leave the test site.
    • Candidates will be requested to remove the face mask briefly during check-in to verify identity as well as capture their photograph. 
  • Candidates may wear gloves during the exam. Gloves will need to be examined by the test site administrator during check-in and check-out. 
    • Candidates are required to discard face masks and gloves outside of the PSI test site in a safe and sanitary manner. 
  • Candidates must adhere to the posted social distancing protocols at all times. 

For more information about PSI Test Center policy and procedures, visit their FAQ page

Watch your e-mails for updates to CBDM policies or other matters regarding the CDM, CFPP Certification Program. You may also contact CBDM at or 800.323.1908, select option 1 (Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT). 

Employment Verification Form 

Individuals applying for the exam must meet CBDM criteria for eligible work experience.

Work Experience Criteria

This form is required for Pathways III and V exam applicants. Applicant must also submit an employer-issued position description for each Employment Verification Form submitted. When applying online, download and complete the form and submit via an upload with your online registration.

  • The position title on the Employment Verification Form must match the position title on the corresponding position description. 
  • Employment during the stated timeframe must be continuous and full-time.
  • The employment verification section must be completed by the immediate supervisor or Human Resources Manager. This section should not be filled out by the exam applicant.
  • The Employment Verification Form and position description(s) must be submitted with the exam application. 
  • CBDM will determine to what extent the submitted employment verification qualifies for non-commercial foodservice work experience. 

NOTE: The most recent version of the Employment Verification form is dated April 2021. If you are not seeing this version, please contact CBDM at or 800.323.1908, select option 1, for assistance.

Download Form


Special Accommodations

To ensure equal opportunities for all qualified individuals, qualified exam candidates with a disability within the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) who supply appropriate documentation will be provided reasonable and appropriate accommodations in order to take the exam.

If special accommodations are being requested, complete and submit a Request for Special Examination Accommodations Form when registering for the exam. Submit it to CBDM at least 45 days prior to the desired exam date. Do not schedule an exam appointment before receiving notification of the status of your request for special accommodations from PSI. If your accommodation request is approved, you cannot schedule your appointment online. You must schedule by calling PSI.

For more information on requesting special accommodations, refer to the CDM Credentialing Exam Candidate Handbook.

Request Special Accommodations