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CDM, CFPP Certification Process

CDM, CFPP Certification Process Overview

1. Meet Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the CDM Credentialing Exam, you must meet a current pathway of eligibility. Each pathway is a combination of formal education from an accredited post-secondary education institution and full-time work experience in non-commercial foodservice management. Eligible types of education include ANFP approved programs, degreed programs, 90+ hour certificate programs, and ANFP Approved Training Programs completed by current and former members of the military.

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2. Prepare for the Certification Exam in a Manner of Your Choice

CBDM makes available study materials and reference textbooks to help you prepare for the exam. While we have had positive feedback about these study materials, you may prepare for the exam in a manner of your choice.

View the complete CDM Credentialing Exam Study Tools and Exam Content Outline brochure to help you identify tools that you may use to prepare for the CDM Credentialing Exam.

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3. Apply for the Examination

To apply for the exam, you must submit a completed application online with fees and verifiable documentation . You will be notified via the e-mail whether you are eligible to sit for the exam or what further requirements must be met. If requirements are not met within 90 days of submitting the application, the application is voided.

Note: Before submitting the exam application, you must attest to reading the CDM Credentialing Exam Candidate Handbook in its entirety and agreeing to abide by all CBDM policy.

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4. If Eligible, Schedule Examination with PSI

About 7 to 14 days after CBDM sends e-mail notice of your eligibility to sit for the exam, the examination services provider, PSI, will send e-mail notice with information on how to schedule an exam date and PSI Test Center location. The exam is available year-round at over 300 Test Centers. You have 90-days from the date of PSI's e-mail notice to schedule and take the exam. Failure to do so will void the application and fees. Learn where you can take the exam and provisions for rescheduling.

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5. Complete Examination as Scheduled

On the day of your exam, you must report to the PSI Test Center no later than your scheduled appointment time and bring two forms of current required identification. For more information on requesting special accommodations, rescheduling the exam and other testing policy, refer to the CDM Credentialing Exam Candidate Handbook.

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6. Achieve Passing Score on Examination and Activate Credential

If you pass the exam, you must activate your within one year of the date that you passed the exam. CE hours cannot be earned and reported until the certification is activated. Failure to activate the certification within one year of passing the exam will result in your certification being terminated.

If you did not pass the exam and want to retest for any reason, you must meet a required 90-day wait period before you can reapply for the exam.

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7. Meet Certification Renewal Requirements

To remain actively certified, you must pay the certification fee annually. Every three years, you must complete and report a minimum of 45 hours of eligible continuing education (CE) programs, including nine hours related to Safety and Sanitation and one hour related to Professional Ethics. Failure to meet the recertification requirements will result in being selected for the CE Audit.

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