CBDM Prior Approval


ANFP Chapters

For CDM, CFPPs looking for CBDM prior approved programs, access our Find CE resource. For ANFP Chapters seeking prior approval for chapter events, visit ANFPConnect and access the Meeting Resources section within the Volunteer Resources tab.

Offer Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities to CDM, CFPP Credential Holders

Our CE Provider opportunities allow your organization to provide continuing education hours to CDM, CFPP credential holders. CE Providers are recognized by the CBDM Prior Approval Program as having programs that meet CBDM standards of quality education. As a result, Prior Approved programs are viewed with high regard and respect in the industry. Utilize the links below to learn more about your options!

  • Unlimited CE Provider Program

  • Featured CE Option

  • Additional Promotional Opportunities

Get Started

For Existing Providers Seeking CBDM Prior Approval

The online prior approval application process will require providers to upload the necessary documentation: biographies, learning objectives, a timeline agenda, an educational content evaluation, a certificate of completion, competency levels, and education topics. There are 36 listed topics to choose from that follow the CDM Credentialing Exam blueprint.

Per the CBDM Prior Approval Handbook, applications are requested 4-8 weeks prior to the program/event to allow for processing. All program fees remain the same; however, we have initiated expedite fees for any application received less than 30 days in advance. ANFP will begin charging expedite fees beginning June 1, 2020. Please review the CBDM Prior Approval Handbook for details on required documentation per program type, competency levels/topics and fees.

Please contact priorapprovals@CBDMonline.org with any questions.

New CE Provider Portal Now Available!

The new CE Provider Portal, an online application tool for CBDM Prior Approval, is now available. With the launch of the new portal, paper applications will no longer be accepted.

The ANFP CE Provider Portal has been designed to simplify the application process. It allows one individual from your organization access to submit applications through their individual account with ANFP. An account setup application has been created to establish your login. We encourage you to complete the set up form now and return it to priorapprovals@CBDMonline.org. Your login and password will be returned. Access the CE Provider Instruction Manual for an example of the application process.