CBDM Prior Approval


The purpose of the CBDM Prior Approval Program is to recognize continuing education (CE) providers that have met the CBDM education standards and guidelines. The CBDM Prior Approval process is completely voluntary and is initiated by the program sponsor/coordinator requesting approval and is intended for organizations interested in providing continuing education (CE) hours to CDM, CFPP credential holders.


Prior Approved programs are recognized by ANFP, foodservice industry professionals, and employers as meeting CBDM standards and requirements for continuing education. As a result, Prior Approved programs are viewed with high regard and respect in the industry. Participants will recognize a high-quality program that is rich in content and delivers their objective of lifelong learning to enhance professional development in line with CBDM standards for continuing competence.

Marketing Opportunities

  • Use CBDM Prior Approval logo (in accordance with CBDM specifications), which may be added to marketing and other activities promoting your approved program.
  • Confirmed number of CE hours.
  • Ease of submission of CE hours for attendees.
  • Increased awareness and exposure of programs to a captive and engaged audience of nearly 15,000 foodservice professionals via “Find CE” program listing/directory on the ANFP website.

Provider Options


  • The CBDM Prior Approval Handbook and application are available on ANFPConnect within the Volunteer Resources area.
  • Learn how to access ANFPConnect here.
  • Applications must be submitted with all required fees and documentation at least eight weeks before the first date of the program, to allow for processing, corrections, and advance publicity.

Access ANFPConnect

CE Providers

  • If you are an organization seeking prior approval for an education program, please download and read the CBDM Prior Approval Handbook which contains all the information necessary about how to obtain approval.
  • Submit the application with all required documentation at least eight weeks prior to the start date of the program to allow for processing, corrections, and advance publicity.

Download Handbook

*NOTE: The most recent version of the Prior Approval Handbook is dated 8-22-2019. If you are not seeing this version, please contact ANFP Professional Development Services (PDS) at 800-323-1908 or info@CBDMonline.org for assistance. 

Unlimited CE Provider/Renewal Program

  • An all-inclusive package providing organizations the ability and flexibility to submit an unlimited number of CE programs to be prior approved on demand for a period of one year.
  • If you are interested in becoming an Unlimited CE Provider, complete the Prior Approval Application for your first program submission and send to priorapprovals@ANFPonline.org with the appropriate program payment. Program types and fees can be found on page 3 of the CBDM Prior Approval Handbook.
  • Programs must be submitted through the CE Provider Portal. Learn how to submit programs through the portal using the "how to" videos below.

Access CE Provider Portal

Ongoing/One-Time Program Providers

  • For organizations offering ongoing CE programs (online courses, books, archived webinars) and/or one-time events (live meetings or webinars that are offered on specific dates) that can be purchased or viewed any time and are offered year-round. 
  • Read the CBDM Prior Approval Handbook and submit your application to priorapprovals@CBDMonline.org.

Download Application & Handbook

How To Videos

Adding a New CE Program

Renewing a CE Program