CE Audit FAQs


Q: What is the purpose of the CE Audit?

A: The CE Audit and all CBDM policies are designed to uphold the integrity of the credential and help CDM, CFPPs gain a professional edge and demonstrate continued competence through completion of processional development activities. It is also a best practice for certification programs. 

Q: How are individuals selected for the CE audit?

A: Audit selections are as follows:

  • If you are at the end of your three-year recertification period and have reported the minimum requirement of 45 CE hours including nine CE hours in Sanitation and Safety and one CE hour pertaining to Professional Ethics you many be randomly selected for the CE Audit.
  • If your certification is active and you have reported more than 0.5 CE but less than 45.0 CE on May 31 of the third-year end of your recertification period, you will be automatically placed into the CE Audit process. 
  • If you have not submitted any CE hours by this date, you will not be placed into CE Audit. Your certification will be terminated, and you will need to qualify under a current pathway of eligibility, submit an exam application with fees, and retest to become certified again. 

To avoid missing critical communications about required actions and deadlines, make sure your contact information in your record is accurate and current. Watch your e-mails for updates to CBDM polices or other matters regarding the CBDM Certification Program. You may also contact CBDM at info@CBDMonline.org or 800.323.1908, select option 1 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT).

Q: Can I get an extension on completing and reporting CE hours if I am approaching the three-year deadline?

CDM, CFPPs should do their best to complete and report the minimum required CE hours by the end of their three-year recertification period. Those who report more than 0.5 CE hours but fewer than 45 CE hours will be automatically selected for the CE Audit. If you are selected for CE Audit, you may be eligible for an extension through August 31 to report the minimum requirement of CE hours. All CE activities and documentation are subject to review for CBDM approval during the CE Audit process.

To determine if you are eligible for an extension and learn more about criteria for extension eligibility and required actions, visit the CE Audit Extension Information webpage. You may also contact 800.323.1908, select option 1, or info@CBDMonline.org and direct your inquiry to your assigned auditor.

Q: What is my certification status during the CE Audit?

A: During the CE Audit process, certified status will remain active as long as annual certification fees are paid up to date. If certification fees are not current by September 30 (Late fees apply.), you will be removed from the CE Audit and your certification will be terminated.

Q: What documents are acceptable as proof of attendance?

A:  Required documentation varies by education program type and can include certificate of attendance, program materials, or other information provided by the program sponsor that verify program date, length, subject matter and hours awarded (agenda, program outline, handouts, meeting summary, etc.). Additional required documentation may include your personally written brief summary of purpose and evaluation of what you learned and how it applies to the foodservice industry and your role as a CDM, CFPP. Refer to the CBDM Guide To Maintaining Your CDM, CFPP Credential for more details.

Q: How do I submit required documentation for the CE activities?

A: CDM, CFPPs are required to submit all CE hours electronically and upload required documentation via the My Certification page of their ANFP record by the end of their three-year recertification period.  Physical, e-mailed, or faxed documentation sent to CBDM will not be accepted or returned. Individuals selected for the CE Audit will be sent e-mail communication from CBDM (at the e-mail address on file in their ANFP record) on required actions. It is the credential holder's responsibility to ensure that all contact information in their ANFP record is current and accurate. ANFP and CBDM are not responsible for missed communications due to inaccurate e-mail or mailing addresses, or for e-mail messages not accessed from a Spam folder. Also, ANFP and CBDM are not responsible for any missed communications regarding ANFP or CBDM matters for individuals who choose to opt out or unsubscribe from messages sent by ANFP or CBDM. 

To ensure CE activities are recognized and recorded to your record, please do not submit CE activities until at least 24 hours after your certification has been activated or reinstated.

  1. Log in at www.CBDMonline.org
  2. Under "My Information," go to “My Certification”.
  3. Select “Report CE”.
  4. Choose the activity type and select "Report Activity." If it is a Prior Approved program, be sure to select “Prior Approved” for the program type and enter the CBDM Approved provider number that is listed on your certificate of completion. Complete all pertinent fields for your CE activity. Provide all other requested information.
  5. Select "Choose File." Upload all required documentation as specified. For Prior Approved programs, you will need to upload the certificate of completion. Select "Save" after uploading each document.
  6. Select “Report” after uploading the required documents for all CE activities reported. "Submitted " status will show for programs for which the CE hours were submitted and required documentation was uploaded electronically.
  7. Continue this process for each CE activity that you have completed and for which you wish to submit for the current recertification period. 

Q: What happens if I am unable to provide all the documentation needed for the CE Audit?

A: If you cannot find your required documentation, we encourage you to reach out to the program/education provider/sponsor and request a copy of your attendance/participation in that program. If you are unable to obtain and upload the required documentation for a program via the My Certification page, you will need to request CBDM to reject that program and complete new educational programs to make up the difference for the programs for which the required documentation is missing and the CE hours cannot be submitted. 

Q: How can I check how many CE hours I have reported?

A: Log in to your ANFP record online at www.ANFPonline.org and select “My Certification” from the menu options. You will see CE activities that you reported and the required documentation that you uploaded. You will also see the dates for your current three-year recertification period.

Meeting the CE requirement alone will not result in you passing the CE Audit. All required documentation must be submitted and CBDM approved. If your CE record is being audited and a program shows "Pending Documentation," or "Needs More Info,"  you have not met the requirements for all documentation. Your CE Auditor can address questions regarding what you need to submit. Learn more about certification and CE Audit status categories here.

Q: What happens if the CE hours I reported are not accepted during the CE Audit?

A: If you are selected for the CE Audit, you may be eligible for an extension through August 31 to make up the CE hours that were not accepted for reasons that may include: not providing the required documentation, program not being an eligible content area, or the program being a duplicate. Learn more about eligibility for and how to request a CE Audit extension here. If you are approved for the CE Audit extension, new programs must be reported and required documentation uploaded via the My Certification page of your ANFP record by 11:59 p.m. CT on August 31. All records that were in a CE Audit extension will begin to be reviewed on September 1. You will be able to act upon your auditor's feedback up to October 31. After that, your CE record is closed, and you can no longer report or modify already-reported CE programs. 

If recertification and CE Audit requirements are not met by 11:59 p.m. CT on October 31 and subsequently CBDM approved, your certification will be terminated. To be eligible for certification again, you must meet a current pathway of eligibility, submit an exam application with fees for CBDM review and approval, pass the CDM, CFPP Credentialing Exam, and activate your certification within one year of passing the exam.

Q: What happens if I lose my credential because I failed the CE Audit?

A: Individuals who fail the CE Audit and lose their CDM, CFPP credential must qualify for the exam under a current pathway of eligibility, submit an exam application with fees for CBDM review and approval, pass the CDM Credentialing Exam, and activate their certification within one year of passing the exam to be eligible to become certified as a CDM, CFPP again. Individuals who fail the CE Audit are no longer entitled to use the CDM, CFPP credential or to represent themself as being certified until they re-earn the certification in accordance with CBDM policy.

Q: Who can I speak with about the process if I disagree with the outcome of the CE Audit?

A: You may appeal the decision and must do so within 15 days of the date of the e-mailed notice of the CE Audit outcome. You must submit your appeal in writing to CBDM using the CBDM Appeal Form. The form requires that you provide detailed information that presents a compelling case for why you would like CBDM to reconsider their decision and the specific actions that you will take if you win your appeal. You may submit a specific appeal only once during your three-year recertification period. Your certification status during the appeal process is inactive and remains terminated. You are no longer authorized to use the CDM, CFPP credential until you re-earn the credential in accordance with CBDM policy. 

Q: What if I pay my dues and certification fees, but I don’t pass the CE Audit?

A: Certified individuals who do not pass the CE Audit will be refunded their current year certification fees about 60 days after the CE Audit process is finalized. ANFP membership dues are not refundable and will not be refunded.

Q: Will my employer be notified of my current certification status?

A: Employers will not be notified by CBDM and certified status will remain active during the CE Audit as long as certification fees are paid up to date. CBDM will not proactively notify employers of CDM, CFPP credential holders at any time regarding an individual's status (active, inactive, terminated, etc.). However, employers may become aware of your status via our online credential verification system.

Q: Will I lose my job for not having the CDM, CFPP credential?

A: This depends on state regulations and requirements of your employer. Check with your employer.