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What does being a CDM, CFPP mean to you?

Margaret Rowlands, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Margaret Rowlands, CDM, CFPP

Winamac, IN

"Being a CDM, CFPP gives me the opportunity to grow in my profession, volunteer, and network with others. We all have best practices that will make a difference in our customers' lives. We touch so many different fields and show compassion by being our best."

Julia Anderson, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Julia Ann-Fowler Anderson, CDM, CFPP

Springfield, MO

“Being a CDM, CFPP provides a sense of commitment, loyalty, and respect for my residents and my staff in being the leader and role model to inspire each and every individual I encounter in my workplace.”

Lisa Quested, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Lisa Quested, CDM, CFPP

Marquette, KS

"I have been in foodservice for 33 years and this is the only job that has such a wide scope of practice. We order the food, help cook and serve the food, create special menus, work closely with other departments, document and keep records of staff and resident activity, track weights, maintain equipment and inventory, schedule, cover shifts, and adhere to all regulations from weight loss to food safety. I am proud to offer quality foodservice to the elders in my community!"

Becky Spears, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Becky Spears, CDM, CFPP

Danville, WV

“I love being a CDM, CFPP. I knew from the very start of my career that I loved nutrition. It allows me to be confident when educating patients, the community, and staff members. Nutrition is a necessity in the life of my patients and aiding in their healing or recovery is always rewarding. I display my credentials proudly in the cafeteria while leading staff in the pathway of preparing and serving good food safely.”

Amy Minnich Headshot

Amy Minnich, CDM, CFPP

Warren, IN

“I feel like becoming a CDM, CFPP has opened many opportunities for me and my career! It has also opened opportunities with my family! I am very proud of what I have accomplished with this achievement in my life and am proud to call myself a CDM, CFPP!”

Lisa Smith Headshot

Lisa Smith, CDM, CFPP

Minneapolis, MN

“Being a CDM, CFPP means making residents' meal time the best dining experience. Putting a smile on their face by serving them a great meal or delicious treat is the best payoff. Also, I enjoy being able to mentor my staff!”

Wendy Clark Headshot

Wendy Clark, CDM, CFPP

Martinsville, IN

Becoming a CDM, CFPP has taught me the knowledge I needed to do a job I am compassionate about. I love to teach skilled residents’ ways to control their diets when they can return home. With the long-term residents, we try and have fun with nutrition. I feel complete being able to share my knowledge and offer them a friend when in need. It is truly my mission field. Being a CDM, CFPP is a triumph for me.

Sandra Nava Headshot

Sandra Nava, CDM, CFPP

Vincennes, IN

Becoming a CDM, CFPP has given me a feeling of self-worth in knowing that I help make a difference in the lives of our residents by providing them with nutritious and palatable meals daily. The compliments from our residents and families are an added bonus to the job!

Peggy Neel, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Peggy Neel, CDM, CFPP

Meade, KS

“Being a CDM, CFPP is very rewarding. I have gained knowledge that I didn’t expect to ever learn. I didn't set out to be a CDM. It fell into my lap, but I have been with it now for close to 25 years. I can't see myself doing anything else! I have seen a lot of good growth and change throughout this time. I tell my staff that we ‘take care of our residents from the inside’ with well-balanced meals, fluids, and all the love and compassion that we can put in our food and care for them while they are here. I am blessed to have this experience and to care for my senior population! I would not want to be anything else. I love my experience as a CDM, CFPP!”

Lulu Hurtt, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Lulu Hurtt, CDM, CFPP

Chestertown, MD

“Being a CDM, CFPP gives me the feeling of helping other stay nutritionally sound and make better choices. I always feel a sense of well-being after guiding someone on their path of nutrition. I feel good nutrition plays a key role in many parts of people’s lives and am always happy to help to the best of my knowledge.”


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