What does being a CDM, CFPP mean to you?


Angie Paxton, CDM, CFPP

Marseilles, IL 

"I love being a CDM because it is a pleasure to give back to our older generation and people who can’t take care of themselves. I love learning something new every day. I love nutrition. My job is very satisfying to me. I have been blessed to have touched so many lives. I would never want to do anything else.”


Cindy Chan, CDM, CFPP

Springdale, AR

"What being a CDM means to me: waking up ready to go do what I love doing and that is taking care of my residents, ensuring they are receiving nutritious and tasty meals, taking into consideration their health needs. Talking with the residents individually is always a pleasure to get to know them and the way that they grew up. Through our conversations I learn their likes and dislikes and am able to ensure they receive what they like. They are my first priority.

Secondly is my kitchen staff. People from different stages of their lives all working together as a team to ensure the residents’ nutritional needs are met with a smile! I have always believed the heart of the home is in the kitchen. At home that is true, but I also bring that to work. Making the kitchen a better place to work which is through my training and continued training as a CDM, CFPP."

Lisa Stokes

Lisa Stokes, CDM, CFPP

Henryetta, OK

"Being a CDM, CFPP has provided me with the skills needed to educate patients on managing their nutritional needs for better health. This role gives me a feeling of purpose and accomplishment that allows me the opportunity to touch lives for the better.

I feel blessed to work as a CDM, CFPP at Hillcrest Hospital in Henryetta, OK, one of Modern Healthcare's 2019 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. This makes my job even more rewarding because I get to work in a culture where we all take pride int he services we offer as a team."

Amanda Shirley

Amanda Shirley, CDM, CFPP

Indiana, PA

"Being a CDM means being ready and knowledgeable to take on a higher standard in the ever-changing foodservice industry. With regulations and trends changing and updating constantly, being a CDM gives me the skill and leadership to guide our department to the next level when it comes to patient care and overall satisfaction."

Robin Kalinowski

Robin Kalinowski, CDM, CFPP

Bismarck, ND

"Becoming a CDM, CFPP has allowed me to move forward in my career goals. I am an expert in foodservice and food safety. I have met so many new people at the Annual Conference & Expo and on the Open Forum." 

Terri McGhee

Terri McGhee, CDM, CFPP

Mobile, AL

“Being a CDM, CFPP is a great personal accomplishment. Being in the food industry for over 30 years has given me a feeling of great success. I love this industry, and this made it all came together!”


Janet Derrickson, CDM, CFPP

Batesville, AR

“Being a CDM, CFPP means more than just food to me; it’s a career to help me get my family the things they need and want, and to help my residents get the best nutrition they can possibly get. I get to make it more than a meal and make it a family gathering.”

Sallea Marble

Sallea Marble, CDM, CFPP

Peoria, IL 

“Being a member of ANFP not only gives me the credentials for my job, but also the tools and resources to continually improve and bring value to the organization I work for.”

Andrea Whitegon

Andrea Whitegon, CDM, CFPP

Warren, IN

"To me, being a CDM, CFPP is a full circle life changer. I have always worked in this industry. I started at entry level and have worked most every job in my facility's department. Now, I can see it all from a different perspective and am always looking for ways to improve my own performance. I try to apply all that I learned to my daily routine and make the lives of our clients a little bit easier. Someone said to me during my time in the course, 'you have three chances a day to either delight or disappoint your clients,' and I keep that in my mind all the time. I think about things (especially the meals) from their perspective first, and I adapt where it is possible. Thankfully, I have had great role models to set my standards against for anything I may face in the future. I am an analytical person by nature but being a CDM, CFPP has made me more mindful of the choices I make and the example I may be setting for others in the same industry. I am proud of the work I do." 


Renee Taylor, CDM, CFPP

Stoughton, WI

"Holding the title of CDM is not just a career, but a collaborative effort by all those in our industry to uphold the reputation, standards, and ethics of what the certification stands for. I appreciate all that we do independently, as well as together as an organization. Within ANFP, I have the feeling that I really belong to a group, and this sets the CDM certification apart from that in other organizations." 

Heather Clark - EDIT

Heather Clark, CDM, CFPP

Port St. Joe, FL

"I finally have a career with purpose. To be able to meet the needs of others and give them something to look forward to is the most meaningful thing I have ever done. When my monthly weights come back with little to no weight loss, there is not better sense of pride."

JoAnn McClanahan - EDIT

JoAnn McClanahan, CDM, CFPP

Atkinson, NE

"As a CDM, CFPP, I feel confident that by being certified I can educate cooks and dietary staff to serve nourishing meals to our residents, patients, and families."

Shannon Diemart

Shannon Diemart, CDM, CFPP

Andover, KS

"I have been a CDM, CFPP for 18 years. I started out in a hospital but shifted my focus to long-term care in 2006. For me, being a CDM, CFPP means making a difference in someone's life. For most nursing home residents, a lot of choices have been taken away from them due to age and health. However, at our facility, we have open dining, meaning they can order what they want, when they want. I have an incredible team of dietary staff who go above and beyond to make them what they want to eat. My staff members take time to get to know the residents and even prepare residents' old family recipes, if requested. Knowing that our department brings joy to the residents' lives makes me feel like what I do matters."

Megan Griffith

Megan Griffith, CDM, CFPP

Cincinnati, OH

"As a CDM, CFPP, I care, and I can make the best decisions for our elderly in their nursing homes! I couldn't be prouder to be a CDM, CFPP. My job has a meaning, and my residents are my world!"

Margaret Rowlands, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Margaret Rowlands, CDM, CFPP

Winamac, IN

"Being a CDM, CFPP gives me the opportunity to grow in my profession, volunteer, and network with others. We all have best practices that will make a difference in our customers' lives. We touch so many different fields and show compassion by being our best."

Julia Anderson, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Julia Ann-Fowler Anderson, CDM, CFPP

Springfield, MO

“Being a CDM, CFPP provides a sense of commitment, loyalty, and respect for my residents and my staff in being the leader and role model to inspire each and every individual I encounter in my workplace.”

Lisa Quested, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Lisa Quested, CDM, CFPP

Marquette, KS

"I have been in foodservice for 33 years and this is the only job that has such a wide scope of practice. We order the food, help cook and serve the food, create special menus, work closely with other departments, document and keep records of staff and resident activity, track weights, maintain equipment and inventory, schedule, cover shifts, and adhere to all regulations from weight loss to food safety. I am proud to offer quality foodservice to the elders in my community!"

Becky Spears, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Becky Spears, CDM, CFPP

Danville, WV

“I love being a CDM, CFPP. I knew from the very start of my career that I loved nutrition. It allows me to be confident when educating patients, the community, and staff members. Nutrition is a necessity in the life of my patients and aiding in their healing or recovery is always rewarding. I display my credentials proudly in the cafeteria while leading staff in the pathway of preparing and serving good food safely.”

Amy Minnich Headshot

Amy Minnich, CDM, CFPP

Warren, IN

“I feel like becoming a CDM, CFPP has opened many opportunities for me and my career! It has also opened opportunities with my family! I am very proud of what I have accomplished with this achievement in my life and am proud to call myself a CDM, CFPP!”

Lisa Smith Headshot

Lisa Smith, CDM, CFPP

Minneapolis, MN

“Being a CDM, CFPP means making residents' meal time the best dining experience. Putting a smile on their face by serving them a great meal or delicious treat is the best payoff. Also, I enjoy being able to mentor my staff!”

Wendy Clark Headshot

Wendy Clark, CDM, CFPP

Martinsville, IN

Becoming a CDM, CFPP has taught me the knowledge I needed to do a job I am compassionate about. I love to teach skilled residents’ ways to control their diets when they can return home. With the long-term residents, we try and have fun with nutrition. I feel complete being able to share my knowledge and offer them a friend when in need. It is truly my mission field. Being a CDM, CFPP is a triumph for me.

Sandra Nava Headshot

Sandra Nava, CDM, CFPP

Vincennes, IN

Becoming a CDM, CFPP has given me a feeling of self-worth in knowing that I help make a difference in the lives of our residents by providing them with nutritious and palatable meals daily. The compliments from our residents and families are an added bonus to the job!

Lulu Hurtt, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Lulu Hurtt, CDM, CFPP

Chestertown, MD

“Being a CDM, CFPP gives me the feeling of helping other stay nutritionally sound and make better choices. I always feel a sense of well-being after guiding someone on their path of nutrition. I feel good nutrition plays a key role in many parts of people’s lives and am always happy to help to the best of my knowledge.”

Peggy Neel, CDM, CFPP Headshot

Peggy Neel, CDM, CFPP

Meade, KS

“Being a CDM, CFPP is very rewarding. I have gained knowledge that I didn’t expect to ever learn. I didn't set out to be a CDM. It fell into my lap, but I have been with it now for close to 25 years. I can't see myself doing anything else! I have seen a lot of good growth and change throughout this time. I tell my staff that we ‘take care of our residents from the inside’ with well-balanced meals, fluids, and all the love and compassion that we can put in our food and care for them while they are here. I am blessed to have this experience and to care for my senior population! I would not want to be anything else. I love my experience as a CDM, CFPP!”

Headshot of Bradley Hayden, CDM, CFPP

Bradley Hayden, CDM, CFPP

Evansville, IN

"Being a CDM, CFPP means so much more than letters after your name. They represent an individual who is passionate in connecting food with a community while coaching a group to serve it in a safe and innovative way!"

Headshot of Carol Scott, CDM, CFPP

Carol Scott, CDM, CFPP

Marion, IN

"I am deeply honored to be in the profession and to have the support of other CDM, CFPP members so that we may support each other.

My certification allows me to teach and educate my staff on the importance of nutrition, proper cooking, and sanitation and how it impacts our residents in our facility. My profession gives me purpose. I enjoy educating my residents and their families on why having healthy eating habits keeps them healthy and living longer, fulfilled lives.

I enjoy being able to continue my education on the importance of proper nutrition in our lives and being able to share the information and know that I can make a difference in someone's life."

Darryle Robinson

Darryle Robinson, CDM, CFPP

Indianapolis, IN

"Becoming a CDM, CFPP has always been a goal of mine and is something that I always wanted to accomplish. It has given me a great sense of accomplishment and pride while providing me with a secure future in the healthcare field. It has also opened many doors for me which were not currently available at my organization. I am so proud to be a part of the CDM, CFPP family and hope that I can use this platform to make a difference in the lives of others."
Tamralynn Koch

Tamralynn Koch, CDM, CFPP, MNT

Skokie, IL

"Although I work in various facilities, I have had the opportunity to organize an amazing team of CDM, CFPPs and have the opportunity to continue my high expectations for great food and customer service for our residents and family members. It just goes to show that with the CDM, CFPP credential, hard work, and ambition, the sky is the limit in this business."

Melody Daer Headshot

Melody Daer, CDM, CFPP

Lewistown, PA

"Being a CDM, CFPP means that I have the ability to make an impact on an individual's life simply through food and nutrition. I get to make someone's day special every day by offering them foods they enjoy and love. I also have the opportunity to help individuals of all ages develop a great and lasting career and bring out the best qualities they never knew existed."

Tanya Ludivig Headshot

Tanya Ludivig, CDM, CFPP

St. Cloud, MN

"After many years of working in a restaurant and now working in a healthcare industry, the CDM, CFPP credential has given me opportunities to improve the lives of the residents through nutrition, safe food, leadership, dedication, and commitment to the food service industry."

Allison Josephson Headshot

Allison Josephson, CDM, CFPP

Cannon Falls, MN

"When it was suggested to me to obtain the CDM, CFPP credential, I was unaware of the professional rewards it provided. The knowledge I gained from the CDM, CFPP credential allows me to put the nutritional needs of my patients first. The credential has helped me grow professionally in many ways, including giving me the confidence to obtain my Dietetic Technician, Registered degree as well!

By volunteering with ANFP, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and improve my public speaking skills. The friends I have met through attending various ANFP conferences are truly some of my best friends, and none of this would have been possible without my CDM, CFPP credential!"

Tracy Madsen Headshot

Tracy Madsen, CDM, CFPP

Medina, MN

"Becoming a CDM, CFPP has given me the confidence to make a difference. I am part of a wonderful organization that gives me the opportunity to network, learn, share, and teach my employees and other departments. "WE" make a difference each day for our people in our facility and customer service and sanitation is key.

I appreciate the fact that I can call, reach out, and go online for tools, support, and the latest updates in the foodservice industry. I believe when you work together, communicate, and appreciate others, the outcome is amazing! Being a CDM, CFPP is truly wonderful and I thank everyone who helped me get there - ANFP and my MN team!"

Will Ratley Headshot

Will Ratley, CEC, CCA, CDM, CFPP

Jacksonville, FL

"Once I started a role in K12 dining, I felt becoming a CDM, CFPP would provide the knowledge and understanding that is needed when feeding children. It has assisted me in ensuring the district students receive the best possible nutrition in the meals served to them. I enjoy knowing that I have the resources available to me to execute the best possible service in my career."

Mary Staggs Headshot

Mary Staggs, CDM, CFPP

Bedford, IN

“I was given the opportunity to take the CDM, CFPP exam when I was 29 years old. I worked full time in a hospital and had 5 children to care for at home. Completing the course and passing the exam gave me a sense of pride and self-confidence. Through the years, I have worked closely with many patients that have had may different needs. With the CDM, CFPP credential, I had the knowledge needed to provide the very best nutritional care for them. I also had the opportunity to write menus and incorporate their preferences (and even some of their recipes) into daily meals. This resulted in improved intake and weight gain on patients that were at risk. It gives me a great sense of pride to know that becoming a CDM, CFPP had a positive impact on people's lives through the meals that are served and the knowledge to provide individualized care to those in need.”

Allison Adrian Headshot

Allison Adrian, CDM, CFPP, CFSM

Papillion, NE

“I feel that the knowledge and experience help deliver excellent care, high-quality patient service, exceptional nutritional programs, and safe and healthy meals. Being a CDM, CFPP has given me tools to strive to high qualities and increased personal expectations yet has allowed me to attain all goals and exceed business expectations. I have been able to strengthen partnerships with healthcare staff and executives. My CDM, CFPP credential is as important to me as my bachelors degree, and with CE opportunities, I continue to strengthen my ability to lead my department and deliver exceptional care to patients.”

James Benard Headshot

James Benard, CDM, CFPP

Palmer, AK

“First and foremost, it means being a coach of the team that works together to provide the best possible service and high quality, safe food to our customers. Having a profession that has enabled me to provide for my family, to be able to support staff during personal hardships, and to provide congratulations for personal successes of my team is rewarding. Making a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small, is what a CDM, CFPP does day in and day out! ”

Sandy Brandon Headshot

Sandy Brandon, CDM, CFPP

The Villages, FL

“When I received my certification, it was such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I was and still am so very proud of what I do daily. The things I do for the people who choose to come to my facility for care is something I feel very lucky to be able to do, thanks to being a CDM, CFPP. It allows me to care for people to the best of my ability; my patients deserve the best care and being a CDM, CFPP allows me to do my part in helping with their care and to be on the road to recovery. Being a CDM, CFPP means that I can help people and I can't think of anything better. I am proud to be called a CDM, CFPP.”


Connie Washington, CDM, CFPP

Osage City, KS

“It gives me a sense of accomplishment and the tools and confidence to help others to achieve the same. It prepares me and my staff with the ability to deal with all the changing situations within the care system.”

Jennifer Kay Tybuec Headshot

Jennifer Kay Tybuec, CDM, CFPP

Russellville, AR

"Being the CDM, CFPP in our nursing facility is a wonderful opportunity to serve our residents. This is their home and I want their food to be a reflection of that. Food is so important to them and we want to serve them the best!"

Amy Marie Beasley Davis Headshot

Amy Marie Beasley Davis, CDM, CFPP

Atkinson, NE

"Becoming a CDM, CFPP helped me go through a big change of life as I had known it. Before I became a CDM, CFPP, I had been a ranch wife and helped my husband on the ranch. After 20 years of ranching, the company we worked for wanted to move back to Colorado but we wanted to stay close to our grown kids and grandsons, so we stayed and had to find new jobs. I went to work at our local hospital in the dietary department. Months later, the hospital offered the opportunity for me to get certified. It has given me a whole new feeling about myself and what I can do outside of what I had previously done. Also, it has allowed me to know that I can be a big part of helping our hospital, a very important part of our community, to be the best it can be. I even have people walk up to me in our town and say good things about our meals that they had at their stay. This has given me a big sense of pride. I have been very thankful for the opportunity."

Bruce Myers Headshot

Bruce Myers, CDM, CFPP

Gassaway, WV

"To me, being a CDM, CFPP means an opportunity to help others understand the importance of taking care of themselves. It allows you to educate, promote, and empower people to better understand the benefits and risks of proper nutrition. It is also very rewarding to know I make a difference in the lives of those I serve as a CDM, CFPP."

Erica Frame Headshot

Erica Frame, CDM, CFPP

Shelbyville, TN

“Being a CDM, CFPP allows me to not only provide care through nutrition. It helps aide in wound care, weight management, health diagnosis, and the nutritional needs that come with it. Being a CDM means I feed residents who may not be able to cook for themselves or even remember that they need to cook or even eat for nourishment. To answer this question with just a sentence, I feel, would not justify what it means to be a CDM, CFPP. I am a provider of healthcare through nutrition and I am a leader of a team who also looks to me to guide them in all aspects of nutrition to help residents who cannot help themselves. I love being a CDM, CFPP!”


Melvin E. Cordova, CDM, CFPP

Tujunga, CA

"Being a CDM, CFPP means that anything is possible. I moved my way up from a Dishwasher to finally become a CDM, CFPP. It provides a better future, guaranteed."

Karen Swift Headshot

Karen Swift, CDM, CFPP

Columbia, Darlington, and Florence, SC

"It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am part of a team providing quality care, optimal nutrition, and assurance that the residents I serve are living life with dignity and receiving quality care. Being able to go to work and put a smile on a resident’s face is priceless!"

Joyce Langrehr Headshot

Joyce Langrehr, CDM, CFPP

Davenport, IA

"Being a CDM, CFPP means to me that I ensure food is cooked and served without any chance for contamination; to ensure the kitchen and equipment are clean and works safely; to be part of the kitchen team and to be a good leader; ensure the resident and patient satisfaction and to have the knowledge of clinical education to help every resident. Also, being a CDM, CFPP means attending care plan conferences to know what our team goals are and the family and resident concerns."

Joey Sickling Headshot

Joey Sickling, CDM, CFPP

Anna, IL

"To me, being a CDM, CFPP means that I make a difference in someone's life and making employees succeed. Being a CDM, CFPP means providing care, getting to know your residents, being creative, and providing excellent service. It has given me opportunities to grow into a position and help my staff reach the next level to further their career."

Hunter Hying Headshot

Hunter Hying, CDM, CFPP

St. Charles, IL

"Becoming a CDM, CFPP has allowed me to get my dream job. I can move between an executive chef position to a general manager position to a dining service director role. I can use the knowledge gained while completing my certification in many roles. It has helped me understand the whole picture when it comes to dining services."

Suzanne Quiring Headshot

Suzanne Quiring, CDM, CFPP, RD

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

"Being part of ANFP is critical to stay up-to-date with the latest research, best practices and trends. Being a CDM networks me with a community of food service professionals that are in the same field as me, and are “my tribe” that I connect with, learn from, and can ask questions confidently. Continuing education is required to be part of any professional organization, and ANFP does an excellent job to ensure our profession stays current so we can serve our clients well. I personally love the Edge publication, the ANFPConnect forum, and the conferences for learning and being supported."


Chelsea Grosskopf, CDM, CFPP

Spring Valley, CA

"Being in a career that is focused on caring for the elderly population has taught me a lot over the years. This is a group of people that for many went through difficult times that are unimaginable to me. Being a CDM, the very least I can do to show my appreciation is to provide them with safe, nutritious and creative meals for them to relish. For many of them it is not simply just a meal but it is a time to socialize, possibly try something new, and reminisce about the meals they enjoyed with their family and friends over the years. As a CDM I have learned to appreciate the more “simple” things in life such as sharing a meal with those you love."

Timothy Schoonmaker Headshot

Timothy W. Schoonmaker, CDM, CFPP

Lynchburg, VA

"Having worked in the Healthcare Field for 16 years, I finally decided to become a CDM. I have realized how important it is to have those credentials next to your name, not only to show your dedication and professionalism to the field, but, for the experience and support ANFP brings to your organization. I have 5 CDM’s that currently report to me, and we can all share our experiences and knowledge base, bringing continuity of care, and help others in our field. Being a CDM means being a true food service professional."

Connie Green Headshot

Connie Green, CDM, CFPP

Park Falls, WI

"I was working as a dietary cook when my boss approached me and asked If I would be interested in becoming a CDM, CFPP. I did some research, and knew it was a goal I wanted to achieve to broaden my career. I love working with the patients and helping them with their nutritional needs. Every day is different from the last, and I feel good at the end of the day knowing I may have made a difference in their health."

Colleen Larson Headshot

Colleen Larson, CDM, CFPP

Twinsburg, OH

"CDM means that I can talk to patients and residents about their nutritional needs and work closely with the kitchen staff and the nursing staff to make the patient experience a beautiful one."

Josh Eggeman Headshot

Josh Eggeman, CDM, CFPP

Waupaca, WI

"To me, being a CDM means contributing to your organization at the highest level possible. Dining plays a huge role in senior living communities and I want it to be the very best it can. I have developed great relationships with the people we care for and their families. I feel fortunate that I'm able to see the positive impact my work has on the quality of life for our clients - it's very rewarding. I view my position and self as a coach for staff. I feel it's my responsibility to growth them, both professionally and personally."

Marylou Gansberg Headshot

Mary Lou Gansberg, CDM, CFPP

Elgin, IL

"It changed my life. I became a CDM at 42, working with seniors and changing the dietary department to be more hands-on with the members. The gratification I get by making my members happy with new dishes and desserts makes it all worth it. Also, teaching my staff and mentoring them."

Anita Antoine Headshot

Anita Antoine, CDM, CFPP

Cheyenne, WY

"Being a CDM to me is the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of those that need that extra attention, nutrition and love through touch, taste and mouth-watering meals. I love serving the residents, talking to them, and interacting with them daily. I recommend and tell everyone when they ask me where I work or what I do for a living that becoming a CDM is the best decision I could have made because of all the perks that I have and the support that is given to me."

Ricky Clark Headshot

Ricky Clark, CDM, CFPP

Roanoke, VA

"Becoming a CDM has broadened my horizons in many ways. First and foremost, the knowledge you learn and can share with others is first class. The tools and materials you have at your fingertips puts you at an advantage when it comes to being the go to person in your field."

Becca Sotebeer Headshot

Rebecca Sotebeer, CDM, CFPP

Sioux Falls, SD

"Certified Dietary Manager means a lot to me.  I worked hard and diligent to complete my coursework to earn the right to have those letters after my name on my name badge.  I take pride in knowing I have the resources available to me to do the best job I can and get the information needed to be the best in my area.  I enjoy coming to work daily to help others learn more about the Nutrition Department when they start at the hospital I work at and complete continuing education themselves."

Anuradha Sharma Headshot

Anuradha Sharma, CDM, CFPP

Cupertino, CA

"I feel blessed when I greet my patients who have smiles on their faces every day when I walk through the hallway. The CDM, CFPP credential has given me direction to follow my dream to progress in the field of nutrition. It has helped me assess effective education in order to understand the patients’ needs better. I thoroughly and agreeably try to incorporate feedback of our whole team as well as the patients to enhance my managerial skills effectively."

Kyran Byrd Headshot

Kyran Byrd, CDM, CFPP

Evansville, IN

"It means having the knowledge that is needed to provide the best nutritional care to those who need it. It means being able to complete all tasks that are required of a manager in the foodservice industry. Most of all, it represents leadership, dedication, and commitment to the food industry."

Chris Liebel Headshot

Christopher Liebel, CDM, CFPP

Doylestown, PA

"For me it all comes down to the philosophy of care and paradigm that includes principles learned through the Seven Habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen Covey.

For goal-centered core values, my first “habit” is to “begin with the [positive] end in mind.” It's an extremely positive outcome that balances “roles and goals” what I have a long referred to as "The three C's:" Customer service, Compliance with regulatory agencies, and Cost containment. Ultimately, I believe (and have proven) that striving for a balance between "The three C's," through 100% dedication, due diligence and determination are the proverbial "bedrock foundation" of what it means to be a CDM, as part of our “Recipe for Success.”"

Sue Rinkenberger Headshot

Sue Rinkenberger, CDM, CFPP

Forrest, IL

"The networking gained from attending ANFP meetings with other CDMs and members, whether district, state, regional, or national are “priceless.” I can’t thank the many members of the 14,000 in total that are only a phone call, text, or email away to help in any situation. This association is truly a “member” association.  I have also gained a great networking with many RDs over the years and without them I would never be able to do what I do each day so successfully."


Kim Karlin Headshot

Kim Karlin-Kamin CDM, CFPP

Madison, WI

"I have been in the foodservice business for 37 years and a CDM for 8 years. It means so much to me to come into work and learn something new every day. Whether it is interaction with a resident or instructions for our Registered Dietician."

Amarilys Saluk Headshot

Amarilys Saluk, CDM, CFPP

Waterford, CT

"For more than 25 years, I have dedicated myself to long-term care. I am one of those fortunate people who has been able to make my passion my career. To say obtaining my CDM was the best decision I ever made is an understatement.  It has assisted me in ensuring my residents receive the best possible nutrition available in my LTC facility. Through that, I have been able to touch the lives of not only my residents but also family and staff. We all know if residents are pleased with their meal selections; it can have a positive impact on their day, interactions, and has therapeutic benefits on medical status.

Leslie Hamilton Headshot

Leslie A. Hamilton, CDM, CFPP

Wichita, KS

“Becoming a CDM has been a rewarding achievement for me. I started working in foodservice healthcare business as a dietary aide not knowing that I would become a CDM someday. My mother was a Chef, working at Crestview Country Club. I recall at a young age her asking me to assist her in the kitchen at home and help her cook. Cooking has been a great experience for me from learning several different recipes and creating many dishes. I greatly enjoy working with our clients and providing them with good nutritional meals. I enjoy seeing their smiles as they tell us thank you for the meal."

Chris Company Headshot

Christopher W. Company, CDM, CFPP

Warren/Detroit, MI

“Becoming a CDM was a mission for me for a long time. Once I became one it opened doors and opportunities that exceeded expectations. To me, a CDM stands for commitment to your profession, demonstrating what you learn to others so everyone benefits and mandating yourself to higher 

standards that this industry has to offer. Very proud the day I passed the test. Always look to the future to strive for excellence!”

Nathan Gaudreau Headshot

Nathan Gaudreau, CDM, CFPP

Englewood, FL

“It means you have taken on the responsibility to provide your customers/residents/patients the very best you can provide. It means you talk to your residents, good or bad and solve problems in a respectful and polite manner. It means you install those same beliefs in the people who work for you. It means you take pride in the food, in your kitchen, and in your crew.”

Michael Bunn Headshot

Michael Bunn, MS, CDM, CFPP

Bentonville, AR

“Becoming a CDM, CFPP was a personal goal that I specifically set out to obtain. While working for a contract feeding company I noticed that all the managers were certified and I wanted to be a manager. I also noticed that all the chefs were CDM’s at this particular company. I wanted to push myself to be the best chef and manager that I could be. So, getting certified was something I knew I had to do. Even though I currently do not work in a hospital or nursing facility I keep my certification current with the plan to one day return back to the industry. I always saw the certification as a way to work in other areas of food beyond the traditional chef jobs. My certification is still useful in my current role as a food scientist working in a corporate retail grocery environment.”

Jose Canales Headshot

Jose C. Canales, BS, CDM, CFPP

Hyattsville, MD

“My CDM credential has transformed my career into a new level. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made throughout my career. After many years of working in restaurants and hotels and now working in healthcare industry, it has given me opportunities to improve the lives the residents and staff, through nutrition, safe food, and leadership. Having the CDM under my belt alone with my culinary experience not only gives me confidence in what I am doing but also makes me stronger because my knowledge has spanned. I oversee five facilities; my goal is now is to help every food service manager to become CDM in the near future.”

Richard Hoelzel Headshot

Richard Hoelzel, FMP, CDM, CFPP

Janesville, WI

“Becoming a CDM was a goal I had set for myself when I began working with seniors. It was pivotal to my personal development and growth. When I became a CDM, it was not only rewarding on a personal level, but I was able to bring better understanding to the chefs that I work with. The ability to create not only GREAT food, but to understand the impact that meal makes to the diner, that’s what being a CDM has given me. I’m a CDM and I enrich the lives of seniors every day.”

Ginger Cater Headshot

Ginger Cater, MEd, CDM, CFPP

Lyman, SC

“Being a CDM makes a difference in my life. It means that I have a career, not just a job. It means that I am recognized as being an expert in my field and being recognized for my achievements and compensated for my knowledge and skills. It gives me a seat at the discussion table with the other managers and professionals in my workplace. It means that I have a shared commitment to my field, as a part of a professional organization that encourages and provides lifelong learning, networking with my peers, and exploring best practices. It provides an outlet for my passion for the elderly and I know that I am making a difference in their lives as much as they are making a difference in mine.”

Felicia Smith Headshot

Felicia Smith, CDM, CFPP, MHA

Douglas, WY

“Becoming a CDM CFPP completely changed the trajectory of my life. I have had more doors open for me due to the knowledge, confidence and continuing training that I receive as a CDM. I have had the privilege to not only learn from other CDMs, but also volunteer for my local and national  organization. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next.”
Shirley Carroll Headshot

Shirley Carroll, CDM, CFPP

Duluth, MN

“Having my CDM,CFPP means I am doing the best job I can within an organization that has so much to offer a professional. I have a multitude of help that is there when needed. I also have many colleagues that have excellent ideas and knowledge. I am proud to be a member of this organization.”
Laura Malcak Headshot

Laura Malcak, CDM, CFPP

Clinton, WI

“By obtaining my CDM,CFPP I was able to put my culinary background into doing good work for people who truly deserve it. I also was able to share my knowledge with the upcoming generations in foodservice to help make sure that we can bring great food and caring people into our facilities.”
Deb Gohl Headshot

Debra Gohl, CDM, CFPP

St. Francis, KS

“I started working in the nursing home as a CNA and then did a few stints in the business office and HIM, and just always felt like I was missing something. I wanted to do more. When the Dietary Manager position came open, I thought I might be a great fit. I got the job, took the credentialing class and exam, and have never looked back. My CDM has opened many doors and given me opportunities to improve the lives of myself, the residents, and staff, through nutrition, safe food, and leadership.  As a member of ANFP, I have attended  fun and informative meetings in the state of Kansas, and would someday love to attend a national convention. I love my job!”
Jeannie Chestnut Headshot

Jeannie Chestnut, CDM, CFPP

Moundridge, KS

“My mom passed away in 2007. She was a CDM for at least 20 years, maybe longer.  She was my first “boss” in long-term care.  I learned so much from her.  I became a CDM, CFPP at the end of 2012 after working in long-term care kitchens for over 20 years. She was gone by then, but it makes me proud to follow in her footsteps and I’m sure she is smiling down with pride.”
Kathy Ballard Headshot

Kathy Ballard, CDM, CFPP

Indianapolis, IN

“What it means to me to be a CDM is how important it is to have the information to help others with their diet needs. From diabetes to obesity, everyone needs to know how to control their nutrient needs to live a healthier life and I am a big part of that. It gives me great appreciation of the body and how it reacts to different situations with foods and I am proud to make a difference in someone’s life.”
Melanie Hudson Headshot

Melanie Hudson, CDM, CFPP

Fort Wayne, IN

“I have been a CDM twice. The first time I took the exam it was 2005. Then I took it again in 2014. I have worked in LTC the whole time. I started out as a cook in a 60-bed facility, never dreaming that I would fall in love with the elderly. I was a cook, aid, and dishwasher before becoming a CDM. I let my certification lapse when my last child was born to stay home with her. That time home with my child proved to me what my CDM means to me. It gives me a purpose in life to help others by providing great food, great customer service, not only to residents but to family members, and to enjoy the elderly. The elderly are funny and have many stories to tell. Being a CDM makes me a proud and successful woman. It has given me a lot of confidence in my life.”
Donna Krajicek Headshot

Donna Krajicek, CDM, CFPP

Denison, IA

“When I was asked by my manager if I had an interest in becoming a Certified Dietary Manager and that she would be retiring in the near future and thought I had what it takes to be a leader, I couldn’t believe what a perfect opportunity it would be. I knew that this was what I had been waiting for. Going back to school to get my CDM, CFPP was the best thing I did for myself. I am now able to help lead and educate and be proud of my career. That’s what being a CDM, CFPP is, a career, not just a job. I have watched and learned throughout the past 21 years, helping to make our establishment safe and nutritional. I am currently the Dietary Coordinator and I love being able to be part of the management team.”

Michelle Haselrig Headshot

Michelle Haselrig, CDM, CFPP

Torrance, PA

“Earning my CDM, CFPP credential brought meaning and stability back into my life. I can stand tall with knowledge and wisdom knowing I can help someone and that is an awesome feeling to have when you’re at work. Sometimes I just start a new e-mail just to see my credentials beside my name. I always told myself ‘don’t go through life, grow through life’ and taking that step to become a CDM, CFPP was one of my greatest accomplishments ever.”
Sharon Vermeer Headshot

Sharon Vermeer, CDM, CFPP

Maurice, IA

“Becoming a CDM, CFPP has allowed me to do things I never imagined. The education and experiences I have had are invaluable to me, not to mention the incredible people I have met! As a volunteer, I’ve been able to teach, travel and learn about things not only in the dietary world, but in management and public relations. I think sometimes we get used to our own little world, and that’s okay, but being a CDM, CFPP let me expand my world to actually INCLUDE the whole world.”

CarieAnn Williams Headshot

CarieAnn Williams, CDM, CFPP

New Market, MN

“Being a CDM has lead me down a career path that affords me to learn every day. I am able to make a difference in the residents lives of which I serve by providing good food, good service or just a friendly smile. ANFP has been there for me every step of the way through my career advancement from supervisor to director by providing educational and networking opportunities. Having these resources available has helped me to become a confident leader. ANFP has also given me the opportunity to serve on committees which has helped me bring those experiences into the workplace.”

Marian Mitchell Headshot

Marian Mitchell, CDM, CFPP

Mountain Home, ID

“Knowledge is Power. Not really. It is what you do with that knowledge that brings on the power! Being a CDM, CFPP has helped me become a more well-rounded person in the food service industry within the school district. I've brought awareness to my superiors and fellow workers from the things I've learned. It really feels great helping others to become more educated in the food service industry and "why" we do the things we do for the safety of all our students. They are priority #1!”

Ken Hanson Headshot

Ken Hanson, CPM, CDM, CFPP

Des Moines, IA

“After spending 12 years in long-term care at a CCRC, it was my CDM credential that helped me move into the correctional foodservice field. People sometimes forget that knowledge of diets ranging from diabetic to renal is important in many areas of non-commercial foodservice. The CDM credential, along with my volunteer roles for ANFP at the state chapter level, were two of the reasons I was hired for my current position. Being a CDM definitely is an asset to my career.”

Shawn Williams Headshot

Shawn Williams, CDM, CFPP

Kinsley, KS

"It means a new lease on life with a career. Even at the age of 48, I am growing and furthering myself in a career I never thought I would have. Working with people that depend on me to know how to help them, nutritionally, makes a world of difference over just being a great cook. I have met some great people at both the state and national levels and will be able to take their friendship with me where ever I go. This credential has definitely made a huge impact on my life’s path in such a short time. I have a great future ahead of me. Good luck to all who step on out there to make a difference.”

Wanda Dickson Headshot

Wanda M. Dickson, CDM, CFPP

Mint Hill, NC

“A “phenomenal experience” is the best description I can give of getting into institutional nutritional services and becoming a CDM, CFPP. It gave me the opportunity to impact and make a difference in so many lives, residents, patients, families and staff.”
Jeremy Manners Headshot

Jeremy Manners, CDM, CFPP

East Vandergrift, PA

“Earning my CDM credential was one of the best things I ever did! Coming from the business and industry foodservice sector, I was able to transition into healthcare foodservice very smoothly. Earning the CDM credential assures not only yourself, but also the hiring representative, that you have the knowledge, skill set, and leadership abilities needed to be successful. The CDM credential is sought after by many employers. You will never regret becoming a CDM, CFPP.”

Dorothy Radermacher Headshot

Dorothy Radermacher, CDM, CFPP

Lino Lakes, MN

“It is an interesting reflection to sift out what being a CDM means to me as a 45-year member. In my early years it was a career path. In my mid-years it was developing my leadership skills and adapting to the changes that were happening around me. In my years just prior to retirement it allowed me to round out my experience from neo-natal to geriatric end of life nutritional care. I also was given the opportunity to look at the Lean Principles to manage efficiency in health care. Now fully retired to full time volunteerism, my CDM is allowing me to support my fellow members by serving my chapter in the areas of strategic planning, looking at ways to operate our chapter most efficiently, program planning to keep our members current, and networking on the local level.”
Joshua Watkins Headshot

Joshua Watkins, CDM, CFPP

Palmetto, GA

“When I had the chance to become a CDM, I knew it would allow me to positively influence people’s lives. It gave me the tools needed to make informed decisions to better nutrition intake for Dining Services. Becoming a CDM was the best thing I did for my professional and personal growth. I love having the respect of my colleagues. Also financially, it continues to provide for and support my family.”
Haider Mahmood Headshot

Haider Mahmood, CDM, CFPP

Falls Church, VA

“Obtaining my CDM has helped open so many more doors for advancement. The CDM credential provides the added edge many organizations look for when hiring for leadership roles in food & nutrition services.”
Michael Nowosielski Headshot

Michael Nowosielski, CDM, CFPP, FMP

Willoughby, OH

“Becoming certified through the ANFP as a CDM,CFPP has opened doors for me to become a culinary ambassador and nutritional educator by giving me access to an elite community of culinary professionals and support along with access to an unlimited amount of continuing education and allowing my continued success and growth for me to come full circle after being in the field for 20 years to having my office be in the same building as when I was young listening to the Pennsylvania Culinary recruitment team that stopped in to promote their prestigious academic culinary institution.”

Barbara Thomsen Headshot

Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP

Norwalk, IA

“Being given the opportunity to become a CDM opened my world to being able to embrace my passion for cooking and caring for our most treasured resource our elders!  Leading staff in creating safe and memorable meals with the added bonus of participating each day in quality elder cares through the clinical MDS process, makes being a CDM a true win, win in my life!”
Rocky Dunnam Headshot

Chef Rocky Dunnam, CDM, CFPP

Amarillo, TX

“Coming from a background in restaurants and resorts across the Southwest, I always envisioned my career in that setting. It wasn’t until I took a position as an Executive Chef for a hospital that I realized the impact that I could make in the healthcare industry, and the impact that the healthcare industry could make in my career. After obtaining my CDM through ANFP, I realized two things; (1) The demand for chefs in healthcare will begin to rise very quickly, and (2) this career choice will prove to be one that I can continue to grow in for a lifetime!”
Kim Kyle Headshot

Kim Kyle, CDM, CFPP

Fort Worth, TX

“My CDM credential has transformed my employment from a job to a career! I am able to work anywhere in the United States and I’m able to be employed in different settings such as healthcare, school nutrition, and correctional facilities. It also means having ANFP a national organization as my advocate. My CDM credential means I am an educated, trained and qualified professional.”

Tami Rutten Headshot

Tami Rutten CDM, CFPP

Bossier City, LA

“Being a CDM, CFPP opens the doors of employers that would have otherwise been closed. It also allows me to network with peers through ANFP. Attendance at national and regional meeting means I get to see parts of the country that I might not have.”      
Serena Hatton Headshot

Serena Hatton, CDM, CFPP

Somerset, KY

“Dad always said, ‘Don’t just go out into the world and do well, go out into the world and do good.’ As a member, the ANFP enables me to do good for my residents, employees, community, and state. It provides me with the tools to educate, mentor, grow, and advocate.”
James Haynes Headshot

James Haynes, CDM, CFPP

Phoenix, AZ

“After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Food and Nutrition Management in 2007, I wanted to belong to an organization that would help further my knowledge in this field. The continuing education tools supplied by the ANFP have been very valuable in keeping me current in new findings in nutrition, food safety, leadership and management. As an instructor at Glendale Community College in Arizona for “Principles of Nutrition” and “Applied Food Principles”, much of what the ANFP has offered, I convey to my students to help them be more successful as students, and for their careers after graduation. I feel not only has the ANFP helped me in my career as a teacher, it is also has made newcomers aware of our organization. This allows them to stay attuned to new information and trends to achieve success.”
Joseph Losacco Headshot

Joseph Losacco, CDM, CFPP

Seattle, WA

"I worked 20 years in the restaurant industry before moving into the retirement sector. It was not long into this transition that I realized the need for specialized training and went after my Dietary Manager certification. I’m proud of those initials behind my name; CDM, CFPP. The continued learning required to maintain certification keeps me relevant and on the leading edge. As our mission states, I truly feel like an expert in foodservice management and food safety thanks to ANFP. I am currently employed by Morrison Community Living at Crista Senior Living in Seattle as the Director Dining Services."
Susan Tackaberry Headshot

Susan Tackaberry, CDM, CFPP

Rogers, MN

"Being a CDM means that I am equipped with the right leadership and management skills that make me a valuable part of the management team at The Wellstead of Rogers. It means that I have the education and knowledge to confidently manage the diets of 140 Alzheimer's and Dementia residents. CDM means that I am part of a local and National Association that continually nurtures me as a professional in my field."