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Exam Scoring & Results

During the exam, questions may be unanswered or bookmarked for return later in the session. Before exiting the exam, be sure to answer each question. There’s no penalty for guessing, but blank items will be treated as wrong answers. PSI, the examination services provider, is responsible for the validity and integrity of scores they report. Occurrences such as a computer malfunction or candidate misconduct may cause a score to be suspect. PSI reserves the right to void or withhold exam results if violation of its regulations is discovered.

Exam results:
After you have completed the exam and answered the questions regarding your testing experience, you will be instructed to report to the Assessment Center proctor to receive your score report. The score report will include your photograph and your exam results indicating “pass” or “fail.” Statistics for the exam are available on the CBDM website here. ANFP will mail information about the CDM, CFPP certification program to all who pass the test. Passing score information may also be found here.

The passing score is 96. This is not a percentage score. Your score report will indicate the exact number of correct answers required to pass the exam out of the possible 140 correct answers. The percentage score will not be provided on your score report. Individuals who do not pass the exam will also receive a breakdown of their scores by exam content area.

If you do not pass:
If you do not pass and wish to re-take the test, you may reapply, but there must be at least 90 days between the day you took the exam and the next scheduled exam. You must submit an exam application and pay the full registration fee each time you take the test. You may continue to take the exam until you pass.

For security purposes, we cannot release copies of the exam, or even the questions that you missed. If you do not pass the exam, you will receive a breakdown of each competency area covered on the test, indicating how well you performed on each content area. This will help you determine what areas to concentrate on when preparing to take the exam again.

Verifying Scoring:
Examinees who question or dispute their test score can request to have their score verified. PSI verifies scoring by calculating the number of questions the examinee answered correctly at the test site, and confirming that the number matches what was reported on the score report.