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Exam Scoring & Results

During the exam, questions may be unanswered or bookmarked for return later in the testing session. Before exiting the exam, be sure to answer each question. There’s no penalty for guessing, but unanswered items will be scored as incorrect. PSI is responsible for the validity and integrity of scores they report. Occurrences such as a computer malfunction or candidate misconduct may cause a score to be suspect. PSI reserves the right to void or withhold exam results if violation of its regulations is discovered.

Exam Scoring & Results at-a-Glance

During the Exam

  • Time to complete practice test is not included in three hours allowed to completed the exam.
  • Pretest questions are not scored.
  • Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.
  • Must complete post-exam survey to get exam results.
  • Must adhere to all CBDM and PSI Test Center policy. Violations may result in exam results being voided.

Exam results

  • Test Center proctor will provide you with a hard copy score report.
  • Score report includes your photograph and exam results indicating “Pass” or “Fail.”
  • Passing score information and statistics for the exam are available on the CBDM website here.
  • According to the CBDM privacy policy, the CBDM maintains confidentiality of candidate and certificant data and information. No information will be released without written permission from the applicant, candidate, or certificant unless required by court order or other legal process.
  • If you pass the exam
    • ANFP will email information about the CDM, CFPP Certification Program
    • You must activate your certification within one year of passing the exam. You are not certified until you activate your certification.
    • Learn more about certification activation and the fees HERE.
  • If you do not pass the exam
    • Your score report will include a breakdown of each competency area covered on the exam to assist with further preparation for retaking the exam.
    • You may retake after required 90-day wait period has been met. A new application and fees must be submitted for review and approval.
    • For security reasons, the exam will not be released in part or whole. You cannot see the questions that you missed.
  • Score verification requests must be submitted in writing to CBDM at It must include your name, ID number, and date and location at which you tested.

CDM Credentialing Exam Candidate Handbook & Application

For more information about exam scoring and results, refer to the CDM Credentialing Exam Handbook & Application.

Access the Handbook

*NOTE: The most recent version of the CDM Credentialing Exam Handbook & Application PDF is dated June 2020. If you are not seeing this version, please contact CBDM at 800-323-1908 or for assistance.

Additional information may be found in CDM Credentialing Exam FAQs HERE.