Dietary Manager and Team

Exam Sites and Scheduling

Year-Round Computer-Based Testing

The certified dietary manager (CDM) credentialing exam is available in testing centers established by our testing company. This means candidates can schedule their computer exam on the date and at the testing location of their choice after they meet eligibility requirements and receive e-mail confirmation from the testing company, inviting them to schedule their exam. After that, examinees have 90 days in which to schedule and take their exam. There are no transfers, cancellations, or refunds. The video below gives an overview of exam eligibility as well as the CDM Certification Exam.


Scheduling Your Exam

Once the application is received and determined by ANFP staff to be eligible for the exam, there will be a 7-14 day wait period before the e-mail from AMP arrives in which to schedule the exam (excluding holidays). There is a 90-day period (beginning the date of approval) during which candidates must schedule and take the exam. Candidates are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis (schedule ASAP for best selections at your preferred site).

Exam Sites

AMP Assessment Centers have been selected to provide accessibility to the most candidates in all states and major metropolitan areas. A current listing of AMP Assessment Centers, including addresses and driving directions, may be viewed below. 

Exam Sites

Equal Opportunity for Education

The Certifying Board for Dietary Managers makes every reasonable effort to accommodate exam applicants with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Testing accommodations are available to applicants who have diagnosed physical and learning disabilities and provide appropriate documentation.

Applicants requesting testing accommodations are required to follow these guidelines:

  1. Submit with the completed examination application a written request for testing accommodations. Include a detailed description of the diagnosed disability and accommodations needed to take the exam. In addition, supporting written documentation from the diagnosing physician or other licensed professional detailing the diagnosis is required and should be submitted with the application materials.
  2. If extended testing time is sought, the applicant must specify the precise amount of additional time required (i.e., time and one-half, double time, etc.).
  3. If special accommodations are being requested, applicants should submit application materials and documentation as far in advance of the published deadline as possible, to allow sufficient time to make approved testing arrangements.

Refer to the Register page to download the Special Accommodations form.

Please note: The exam is only administered in English, and there are no provisions for translation.

Questions regarding the application and exam should be directed to CBDM at (800) 323-1908.



Exam Day Information

Important! Bring to the Exam:

  • Picture I. D.
  • Battery operated calculator with no print device (optional)

Cancellations & Rescheduling

If you cancel or do not report for your exam, no refunds will be given. You may reschedule your exam appointment ONCE within your 90-day window at no charge by calling AMP at 888.519.9901 by 3:00 pm (CST) at least two business days prior to your scheduled appointment.

For example: if your exam is scheduled on Monday, you must contact AMP by the previous Wednesday at 3:00 pm Central Time to reschedule the exam. If your exam is scheduled on Friday, you must contact AMP by the previous Tuesday at 3:00 pm, etc.

Missed Appointments: You will forfeit your exam registration and all exam fees under the following circumstances.  No exceptions will be made.
•    You wish to reschedule an exam but fail to contact AMP at least two full business days prior to the scheduled testing session.
•    You wish to reschedule a second time.
•    You appear more than 15 minutes late for the exam.
•    You fail to report for your exam appointment.
•    You do not follow AMP’s ID and Assessment Center rules.

A new complete application and exam fee will be required to reapply.

If a candidate is unable to take their exam at the scheduled time due to an emergency, and appropriate documentation is provided that would justify rescheduling the exam without reapplication, the request must be approved and a $75 rescheduling fee will be charged. If an emergency affects your scheduled exam, please contact CBDM ( or 1-800-323-1908) immediately to determine next steps.

Inclement Weather, Power Failure or Emergencies

In the event of inclement weather or emergencies on exam day, AMP will determine whether circumstances warrant the cancellation and rescheduling of an exam. You may visit prior to the exam to determine if AMP has been advised that any Assessment Centers are closed. If cancelled, candidates will receive notification after the exam about rescheduling procedures.