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Study materials and reference textbooks are available to help you prepare for the CDM Credentialing Exam. ANFP textbooks are tools that candidates may choose to use as they prepare for the CDM exam. The following exam study materials are are based on the current Exam Content Outline, found below. Use this outline to direct your study! To order materials, please send the form to ANFP or visit the ANFP Marketplace.

NOTE: The study materials and reference books listed below are completely optional. Purchase and/or successful completion of exam review materials are not required in order to sit for the exam and they do not predict or guarantee a passing score on the exam. Candidates may prepare for the exam in a manner of their choice. 

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The study material references and exam questions are based on content covered in two ANFP textbooks, Nutrition Fundamentals and Medical Nutrition Therapy  2nd Edition (2018), and Foodservice Management - By Design, 2nd Edition (2018). Sanitation and food safety-related questions are also based on the FDA Food Code (2017), available free at

CDM Credentialing Exam Content Information

The exam consists of 160 multiple-choice questions that are job-related. Questions are based on professional situations in which a dietary manager would have to make a decision or solve a problem. The examinee must carefully read the scenario and select the appropriate response from among the multiple choices.

Job-related examinations are developed according to very specific processes. Exam content is derived from a detailed process beginning with a job analysis, and the outcome of that study result in a blueprint, also known as the detailed content outline for an exam. The CBDM utilized the services of a qualified examination services provider to conduct a Job Analysis Survey and finalize the current exam content outline.

The detailed content outline lists topics covered on the CDM Credentialing Exam that you must know in order to be successful on the exam, as well as the percentage of questions on the exam from each content area.

Current Exam Content Outline

Summary of Job Analysis Survey

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*NOTE: The most recent version of this document is dated 4-1-20. If you are not seeing this version, please contact CBDM at 800-323-1908 or for assistance.