Top 10 Tips for a Successful CBDM CE Audit


Use these reminders to help ensure a successful CE Audit.

  1. Make sure contact information in your ANFP record is current and accurate so you do not miss critical communications. ANFP and CBDM are not responsible for missed communications due to incorrect e-mail or mailing address in your record or for e-mail messages you failed to access from a spam folder. Also, they are not responsible for any missed communications regarding any ANFP or CBDM matters for individuals who chose to opt out or unsubscribe from messages sent by ANFP or CBDM.

  2. If needed, request an extension by June 30. Follow directions in the e-mailed CE Audit to avoid being removed from the CE Audit selection notification process, failing the CE Audit and having your certification terminated.

  3. Submit CE activity required documentation that complies with CBDM policy. Required documentation varies by activity type and typically includes the certificate of completion, agenda with timeline, and your written summary of purpose and evaluation. Uploading a certificate of completion three times will not meet documentation requirements. For more information, refer to the CE Activity Types and Required Documentation Table.

  4. Submit completed activities and required documentation by no later than stated deadlines. Make sure completed CE activities and documentation meet requirements. Failure to meet all CBDM recertification and CE Audit requirements by stated deadline will result in failing the CE Audit and your certification being terminated.

  5. Submit your CE record early for review. CBDM reviews CE records in the order in which they are submitted and received. The sooner you submit your CE record, the sooner CBDM can review it and provide feedback on issues you must address. NOTE: You cannot select the green SUBMIT button to have your CE record reviewed until the minimum CE hour and documentation requirements are fully met.

  6. If you are eligible for a CE Audit extension, you must request it in accordance with CBDM policy. You are not approved for a CE Audit extension until you see the message on your "My Certification" page indicating the extension has been granted. 

  7. Keep your certification active by paying the annual certification fees. CE activities completed when your certification is inactive are not eligible toward recertification requirements. To remain in the CE Audit process, your certification must be Active. Annual certification fees are due August 31. If paid after August 31 and by September 30, late fees apply and reinstatement fees may apply.

  8. If you are approved for a CE Audit extension, make and complete a plan to meet recertification and CE Audit requirements by the November 30 deadline. You must complete and report a minimum total of 45 hours. Nine CE hours must pertain to Safety and Sanitation and 1.0 CE hour must be related to Professional Ethics. You must also upload all required documentation for each completed CE activity.

  9. Monitor the status of CE hours you submitted. Log into your ANFP record and go the My Certification page. Having a total of 45 hours alone does not mean that you will pass the CE Audit. If a CE activity does not have Approved status, that program is not eligible and further action is required. Use this tool to learn about certification and CE audit status definitions. NOTE: If your CE record is Under Review status, you will not be able to access, review, or add CE activities/documentation.

  10. Act upon ALL feedback provided by your auditor. You must address CE hour AND documentation deficiencies by stated deadlines and your auditor must designate CE activities as approved to be eligible toward requirements. If you have questions, be proactive and contact your auditor to help avoid not meeting all requirements, failing the CE Audit and having your certification terminated.

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