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CE Audit FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of the audit?

A: The audit and all CBDM policies are designed to uphold the integrity of the credential, and help CDMs gain a professional edge with continuing education.

Q: How are individuals selected for the audit?

A:  CDM, CFPP credential holders whose three-year certification cycle ended and have reported the minimum requirement of 45 CE hours, including nine CE hours in Sanitation and Food Safety and beginning June 1, 2019, one CE hour in Professional Ethics, are randomly selected.  All credential holders who report less than the minimum required CE hours are selected for the audit.

Q: What is my status during the CE audit?

A: During the audit process, certified status will remain active as long as annual certification fees are paid up to date.

Q: How can I check how many CEs I have reported?

A: Log in to your profile online at www.CBDMonline.org and select “My Certification” in the menu options. You will see the CE activity that you reported and the required documentation that you uploaded.

Q: What happens if I am unable to provide all the documentation needed for the audit?

A: Credential holders who failed to keep documentation should do their best to obtain it and electronically upload the required documentation to validate their attendance/participation in an educational program. If unable to obtain and upload the required documentation via the My Certification page, the individual will need to attend new educational programs to make up the difference for educational sessions for which the required documentation is missing.

Q:  What documents are acceptable as proof?

A:  Verifiable documentation can include certificates of attendance, program materials, or other information provided by the program sponsor that verify program date, length, and subject matter (agenda, program outline, handouts, meeting summary, or meeting transcript). Refer to page 7 of the CBDM Guide To Maintaining Your CDM, CFPP Credential for more details.

Q:  How do I submit required documentation for the CE activities?

A: Effective June 1, 2019, CDMs are required to submit all CE hours electronically and upload required documentation via the My certification page by the end of their three-year recertification cycle.  Physical, e-mailed, or faxed documentation sent to CBDM will not be accepted or returned. Individuals selected for the audit will receive communication from CBDM on required actions, including how to submit CE activities via the My Certification page.

To ensure CE activities are recognized and recorded to your record, please do not submit CE activities until at least 24 hours after your certification has been activated or reinstated.

  1. Log in at www.CBDMonline.org
  2. Go to “My Certification”.
  3. Select “Report CE”.
  4. Complete all pertinent fields for your CE activity. If it is a prior approved program, be sure to select “Prior Approved” for the program type and enter the CBDM approved provider number that is on your certificate of completion.
  5. Upload all supporting documentation as specified.
  6. Select “Report.” NOTE: All CE hours submitted and documentation uploaded electronically via the My Certification page will show “submitted” status. 

Q: What happens if the CE hours I reported are not accepted?

A: Credential holders in audit who are eligible for and are granted an extension will be given up to 90 days (November 30) to make up the CE hours that are deemed unacceptable. These hours must be reported and required documentation uploaded via the My Certification page by November 30. If audit requirements are not met by November 30, your certification will be terminated

Q: What happens if I lose my credential?

A: Individuals that lose their credential must retake and pass the CDM credentialing exam to become certified as a CDM, CFPP again. An exam application must be submitted with the exam fee.

Q: Will my employer be notified of my status?

A: CBDM will not proactively notify employers of CDM credentials at any time. However, employers may become aware of your status via our online verification system.

Q: Will my employer be notified if I am being audited?

A: Employers will not be notified by CBDM and certified status will remain active during the audit.

Q: Who can I speak with about the process if I disagree with the outcome of the audit?

A: Submit your concerns in writing to the CBDM for review and consideration. Provide detailed information that presents a compelling case for why you would like the CBDM to reconsider their decision.

(Attention: CBDM)

406 Surrey Woods Dr.
St. Charles, IL 60174

Q:  What if I pay my dues and certification fees, but I don’t pass the CE audit?

A: Certified individualnot pass the audit will be refunded their current year certification fees about 60 days after the audit process is finalized.

Q: Will I lose my job for not having the CDM, CFPP credential?

A: This depends on state regulations and requirements of your employer.