Prior Approval Application


Instructions & Guidelines

Instructions for Completing the Prior Approval Application

Program Start Date/End Date
Fill in the month and year for both first and last day of the program.

Program Title
Indicate the exact title of the program that will be recorded on all permanent record forms, advance publicity notices, printed program schedule, and certificate of attendance.

Program Location
Provide city and state where the meeting will take place.

Number of CE Hours Requested
Continuing education hours are those hours spent participating in a continuing education session. A minimum of 30 minutes of attendance/participation is required for CE credit. After 30 minutes, CE credit will be accrued in 15 minute increments.

* Do not count time for introductions, breaks, lunch, etc.

Enter the amount of CE requested above each category and add up the total.
Sanitation: Topics that cover food safety and sanitation issues. Food Show: Time spent viewing food show exhibits based on brochure/agenda. General Topics: Topics related to nutrition, management, or health care (see handbook for details on acceptable programs).

Estimated Number of CDM, CFPP Attendees
Indicate the projected number of attendees that have the CDM, CFPP credential.

Program Evaluation Type
A program evaluation provides attendees the opportunity to evaluate the content and education of the program. Be sure to provide a copy with supporting documents.

Program Chair/Coordinator
The main point of contact in charge of organizing the event. This individual will be contacted for any missing information and/or follow-up to the program.

Registration Contact Info for Program
Indicate registration contact information to publicize to ANFP members and provide clear guidance on where to register for the program. Be sure to include contact name, phone number, e-mail, and/or website address.

Prior Approval Program Options

Unlimited Program:
An all-inclusive package that provides organizations the ability and flexibility to request an unlimited number of CE programs to be prior approved on demand for a period of one year. Refer to “CBDM Prior Approval Handbook” for full details of this program type.

Ongoing Program:
A single, ongoing program that can be purchased or viewed anytime and offered year round (i.e. online courses, books, archived webinars). The approval of this program type starts from the approval date and expires 12/31 of the current year.

One-Time Program:
A program such as a live meeting or webinar that is offered on specific dates. It can have multiple dates and locations throughout the year as long as speaker and content of program are the same. A one-time program is offered for $50 for initial approval and $50 for each additional offering.

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