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CE Self-Reporting

All CDM’s are required to earn 45 continuing education (CE) hours every three years, nine of the 45 hours must focus on sanitation and food safety. CE hours must be met while actively certified and in your current three-year period and additional. Once CE hours have been earned for a specific program, it cannot be resubmitted for credit again, regardless of whether it is a new certification period. Also, extra hours do not carry over from one, three-year period to another. Credit can only be earned once for any given program. If you are questioning something you may have done in your prior periods please contact CBDM and they will either check for you, or send you a copy of your previously submitted CE transcript.

June 2014 began the self-reporting process where CDMs started tracking their own continuing education (CE) hours and submitting them within the three-year reporting cycle.

You may enter your hours online in your member account. For more information and a list of frequently asked questions and answers on self-reporting please click on CE Self Reporting FAQ. You may also want to watch the how-to tutorial below for CE Self-Reporting:

Calculation of CE hours is based on the minutes of attendance/ participation time. One CE hour is equivalent to 60 minutes of attendance/participation. A minimum of 30 minutes of attendance/participation is required for CE credit. Thereafter, credit will be accrued in 15 minute increments.

Program Length

60 minutes
45 minutes
30 minutes
15 minutes

# of CE Hours



We ask that you keep all CE documentation confirming your attendance in case of audit at the end of your 3 year qualifying period. If you do not have access to a computer you may fill out the CE Reporting Form found HERE and mail/fax to:

 406 Surrey Woods Drive
 St. Charles, IL 60174
 Fax: 630.587.6309