Phase 2 Tag Crosswalk - Effective November 28, 2017 Relevant F Tags for CDM, CFPPs


Care Planning

Old Tag #Tag TitleNew Tag #
F279Develop/Implement Comprehensive Care Plan F656
F280Care Plan Timing and Revision F657
F281Services Provided Meet Professional StandardsF658
F282Qualified Persons*F659
F284Discharge Planning Process F660
F283, F294Discharge Summary F661


Old Tag #Tag TitleNew Tag #
F325, F327Nutrition/Hydration Status Maintenance F692
F322Tube Feeding, Management/Restore Eating Skills F693
F281Parenteral/IV FluidsF694



Old Tag #Tag TitleNew Tag #

Physician Delegation

Old Tag #Tag TitleNew Tag #
F390Physician Delegation to Dietitian/TherapistF715


Food and Nutrition Services

Old Tag #Tag TitleNew Tag #
F360Provided Diet Meets Needs of Each Resident F800
F361Qualified Dietary Staff F801
F362Sufficient Dietary Support PersonnelF802
F363Menus Meet Res Needs/Prep in Advance/FollowedF803
F364Nutritive Value/Appear, Palatable/Prefer Temp F804
F365Food in Form to Meet Individual Needs F805
F366Resident Allergies, Preferences and SubstitutesF806
F366Drinks Avail to Meet Needs/ Preferences/ HydrationF807
F367Therapeutic Diet Prescribed by PhysicianF808
F368Frequency of Meals/Snacks at BedtimeF809
F369Assistive Devices - Eating Equipment/UtensilsF810
F373Feeding Asst - Training/Supervision/ResidentF811
F371Food Procurement, Store/Prepare/Serve - SanitaryF812
F371Personal Food PolicyF813
Dispose Garbage & Refuse ProperlyF814



Old Tag #Tag TitleNew Tag #
F520QAPI Program/Plan, Disclosure/Good Faith Attempt* F865
F520QAPI/QAA Data Collection and Monitoring* F866
QAPI/QAA Improvement Activities*
F520QAA Committee*F868



Old Tag #Tag TitleNew Tag #
Training Requirements - General* F940
 Communication Training* F941
 Resident’s Rights Training*F942
F226Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation TrainingF943
 QAPI Training* F944
 Infection Control Training* F945
 Compliance and Ethics Training*F946
F498Required In-Service Training for Nurse AidesF947
F373Training for Feeding AssistantsF948
 Behavioral Health Training*F949

*Will be implemented in Phase 3.

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