CBDM Announces Important Policy Change

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The CBDM continually strives to administer the CDM, CFPP certification program to ensure that the credential is meaningful, and that CDM, CFPPs continue to be competent in the foodservice management industry.

Due to a Certifying Board policy change made in January 2019, CDM, CFPPs  whose three-year recertification period ends on May 31, 2020 and have not met all requirements (45 total CE hours, including 9 Sanitation/Safety CE hours and 1 Professional Ethics CE hour), will have their CDM, CFPP certification terminated. Individuals whose certification is terminated will have an opportunity to submit an appeal. This new policy impacts all CDM, CFPPs on May 31 of their qualifying year going forward.

CDM, CFPPs must submit their CE hours and all required supporting documentation electronically for each reported program in the My Certification page of their ANFP record by May 31 of the year their three-year certification period ends.

Streamlining the process ensures that recertification requirements are met in a timely way. Previously, certified individuals who did not meet their CE requirements by the May 31 deadline were automatically placed into CE Audit. Now, individuals who are placed into CE Audit are either randomly selected or are suspected of violating CBDM policy.

If you have questions regarding the new policy, please e-mail info@CBDMonline.org or call 800-323-1908.