CBDM FY19 Annual Report

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The Certifying Board for Dietary Managers Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report is now available.

12, 572 Total Number of CDM, CFPPs on May 31, 2019
1,358 New CDMs in FY19 (18.7% Increase)
1,968 Total Number Tested (13.5% Increase)
1,321 Total Number Passed
75.7% First-Time Passing Rate

What's New?


The CDM, CFPP credential continues to be a highly-recognized certification. More people took the CDM, CFPP Credentialing Exam this year than ever, since its inception in 1985!

New Gap Analysis Tool

The CBDM has developed a tool to assist CDMs in understanding their unique professional development needs, and to help in prioritizing continuing education opportunities and bridging the gap in individualized professional competency areas.

Job Analysis Task Force

This task force was established to develop a survey designed to determine what is currently significant and performed in the field of practice. A survey was sent to all CDM, CFPPs and the task force utilized the results of the survey to make weighting determinations to recommend updates to the Detailed Exam Content Outline. This document is the basis for the upcoming CDM, CFPP Credentialing Exam forms, the CDM, CFPP Scope of Practice, and other materials.

Continuing Competence Task Force

CBDM established a task force to explore continuing competency methods and models for recertification. The task force will make recommendations to the CBDM for consideration to move from a Continuing Education model for recertification, to a Continuing Competency model.

New Policies

CBDM expanded Pathway III for candidates applying for the exam. Now, ANFP-approved training programs may offer their curriculum in its’ entirety as a Pathway III(b) program to individuals who have two or more years of foodservice management work experience. This allows those individuals to forego the requisite 150-hour field experience component of the Pathway I programs while still being able to take advantage of the quality educational component of these programs, and meet eligibility requirements for the exam.

Ethics CE Requirement
CBDM implemented the requirement for one CE hour pertaining to Professional Ethics effective June 1, 2019. Professional ethics encompasses standards, values and guiding principles related to personal and business behaviors of professionals. By ensuring that CDM, CFPPs are continuously striving to exemplify the traits and practices of an ethical nutrition and foodservice professional, the new CE requirement reinforces the critical role of the CDM in the minds of surveyors, administrators, and other professionals.

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