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Top 10 Steps to Prepare for an In-Service/Educational Session

List compiled by: Kristin Klinefelter, MS, RDN, LD

1. Choose a Topic and Name it

Think action oriented, catchy, and relevant. Example for a 1 Handwashing in-service: “Fight Bac...It's Up to You."

2. Set the Date, Time and Location

Consider offering 2-3 sessions to accommodate 2 schedules and personal lives.

3. Reserve your Meeting Space

Often, this requires a phone call or e-mail only and can be 3 low to no cost.

4. Advertise it

Use simple fonts and bullet point the details (include topic, time, date, location, cost, RSVP, and contact information of the presenter). Print a few flyers to 4 place in key areas. Don’t forget to advertise via social media and e-mail.

5. Write 2-4 Objectives for your Topic

List them using action words or "what will the participant do/learn." Example: "Participants will demonstrate proper handwashing 5 technique."

6. Gather/Develop your Materials

Have one handout per 15-30 minutes worth of material. Use simple handouts with graphics. Make sure you have handouts in the languages that your audience speaks as their primary language. There are many handouts already prepared for you so don’t reinvent them. Do a Google search with “PDF” behind it so you come up with printable materials. Example: “Proper Handwashing PDF.” Remember to make a sign-in sheet and certificates for the participants to track their attendance.

7. Make an Outline of your Key Points

Write/type this out. Bullet point your information so you are not tempted to read a script. Remember to ask engaging questions and include participants for hands-on learning verses lecturing your audience.

8. Prepare a Game or Activity that will Engage the Participants

Example give a quiz prior to the in-service, asking 5-10 questions about the topic. Tell them that they will learn the answers to these questions in the next 30 minutes. Example 2: Use the product Glo GermTM for an engaging visual. You can have it on your hands and shake each participant’s hand when they walk in. You can also pass around a ball with the Glo Germ on it for participants to hold during introductions. Later, use your blacklight to show the “germs” on their hands.

9. Practice

Use an audience or a mirror. Record yourself and review!

10. On the Day of your Session: Set up your Room

Arrange it in ways that will promote discussion and hands-on learning. Have handouts and writing tools at each chair. Be 10 ready for participants at least 30 minutes in advance.

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