Assessing Competence: Gap Analysis Tool


Gap Analysis Tool Example

Gap Analysis Tool Example

This tool aims to identify skill gaps to assist in prioritizing continuing education opportunities. Review the competence and related practice standard and identify your skill in each area. Explain action steps to bridge gap. Use the resources listed to assist in developing a plan of action. Please check off your level of knowledge and skill in each of the following CDM, CFPP competencies. Your response will point to any learning needs.

Level I: Remember/Understand - Bloom's Taxonomy Concepts*
Understanding and Remembering of Concepts/Knowledge:
Suggest Level I courses and basic resources
The desired outcome is to ensure a basic understanding and explanation of concepts of the subject matter and recalling of related facts.

Level II: Apply/Analyze - Bloom's Taxonomy Concepts*
Application and Analysis of Concepts/Knowledge:
Suggest Level II course and basic to advanced resources
The desired outcome is to facilitate application of knowledge into practice by drawing connections among ideas and using information in new situations.

Level III: Evaluate/Create - Bloom's Taxonomy Concepts*
Evaluating and Creation of Concepts/Knowledge:
Suggest Level III courses and advanced resources
The desired outcome is to evaluate application and create continuous quality improvement into best practice.

*Bloom's Taxonomy is a hierarchical model used to classify learning objectives into levels of complexity and specificity. For more information about the model, refer to: 

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