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New Sanitation CE Requirement Effective June 1, 2017

Published on Feb 07, 2017

At its recent winter meeting, the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers (CBDM) voted to increase the number of Sanitation CE hours required of CDM, CFPPs during their three-year recertification period.

Number of Required Sanitation CE Hours Will Increase From Five to Nine

Effective June 1, 2017, CDMs will be required to earn nine hours of Sanitation CE over their three-year recertification period instead of the current five hour requirement.  This new policy will not impact the total number of CE hours required over three years, which will remain at 45.

The new requirement translates to three Sanitation CE hours per year over the three-year recertification period, although CDMs can earn those nine hours anytime during that timeframe.

The increase in required Sanitation CE hours is more reflective of the credentialing exam blueprint, and the percentage of exam questions that focus on sanitation and safety principles.  The new policy also reflects findings from the Job Analysis Study, which is conducted every five years to identify the primary job responsibilities of dietary managers.

By ensuring that CDM, CFPPs are continuously staying abreast of current information and trends, the new Sanitation CE requirement reinforces the critical role of the CDM in the minds of surveyors, administrators, and other professionals.

For CDMs whose qualifying period ends next year (on May 31, 2018) who have already earned more than the current five hour requirement, the additional Sanitation hours they recorded can be applied to the new nine hour mandate.

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