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New CDM Exam Blueprint

Published on Feb 23, 2016

The CDM Credentialing Exam is coverting to the 2016 blueprint on March 1, 2016. What’s New? • The content outline has changed from 10 content areas to 5. • You will now have 3 hours to take the exam (instead of 4). • The exam will now have 160 questions (instead of 200).

Why is the exam format changing?
•    CBDM periodically conducts a Job Analysis Survey to validate the content outline (or blueprint) for the exam. The previous content is still included in the blueprint, just reorganized in a more concise outline. Examinees will not notice this change during the exam as questions are ‘scrambled’ in the order they appear on the test.
•    Our professional testing company was able to use statistical data to confirm that we can shorten the exam and still reliably determine a passing score.

New exam study materials
Online Review Course – This is now available HERE.
Hard Copy Study Guide – This will be available in the ANFP market place in early March
Computerized Practice Exam – This will be available through AMP in mid-April