What does being a CDM, CFPP mean to you?

Tanya Ludivig Headshot

Tanya Ludivig, CDM, CFPP

St. Cloud, MN

"After many years of working in a restaurant and now working in a healthcare industry, the CDM, CFPP credential has given me opportunities to improve the lives of the residents through nutrition, safe food, leadership, dedication, and commitment to the food service industry."

Melody Daer Headshot

Melody Daer, CDM, CFPP

Lewistown, PA

"Being a CDM, CFPP means that I have the ability to make an impact on an individual's life simply through food and nutrition. I get to make someone's day special every day by offering them foods they enjoy and love. I also have the opportunity to help individuals of all ages develop a great and lasting career and bring out the best qualities they never knew existed."

Allison Josephson Headshot

Allison Josephson, CDM, CFPP

Cannon Falls, MN

"When it was suggested to me to obtain the CDM, CFPP credential, I was unaware of the professional rewards it provided. The knowledge I gained from the CDM, CFPP credential allows me to put the nutritional needs of my patients first. The credential has helped me grow professionally in many ways, including giving me the confidence to obtain my Dietetic Technician, Registered degree as well!

By volunteering with ANFP, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and improve my public speaking skills. The friends I have met through attending various ANFP conferences are truly some of my best friends, and none of this would have been possible without my CDM, CFPP credential!"

Tracy Madsen Headshot

Tracy Madsen CDM, CFPP

Medina, MN

"Becoming a CDM, CFPP has given me the confidence to make a difference. I am part of a wonderful organization that gives me the opportunity to network, learn, share, and teach my employees and other departments. "WE" make a difference each day for our people in our facility and customer service and sanitation is key.

I appreciate the fact that I can call, reach out, and go online for tools, support, and the latest updates in the foodservice industry. I believe when you work together, communicate, and appreciate others, the outcome is amazing! Being a CDM, CFPP is truly wonderful and I thank everyone who helped me get there - ANFP and my MN team!"

Will Ratley Headshot

Will Ratley, CEC, CCA, CDM, CFPP

Jacksonville, FL

"Once I started a role in K12 dining, I felt becoming a CDM, CFPP would provide the knowledge and understanding that is needed when feeding children. It has assisted me in ensuring the district students receive the best possible nutrition in the meals served to them. I enjoy knowing that I have the resources available to me to execute the best possible service in my career."

Mary Staggs Headshot

Mary Staggs, CDM, CFPP

Bedford, IN

“I was given the opportunity to take the CDM, CFPP exam when I was 29 years old. I worked full time in a hospital and had 5 children to care for at home. Completing the course and passing the exam gave me a sense of pride and self-confidence. Through the years, I have worked closely with many patients that have had may different needs. With the CDM, CFPP credential, I had the knowledge needed to provide the very best nutritional care for them. I also had the opportunity to write menus and incorporate their preferences (and even some of their recipes) into daily meals. This resulted in improved intake and weight gain on patients that were at risk. It gives me a great sense of pride to know that becoming a CDM, CFPP had a positive impact on people's lives through the meals that are served and the knowledge to provide individualized care to those in need.”

Allison Adrian Headshot

Allison Adrian, CDM, CFPP, CFSM

Papillion, NE

“I feel that the knowledge and experience help deliver excellent care, high-quality patient service, exceptional nutritional programs, and safe and healthy meals. Being a CDM, CFPP has given me tools to strive to high qualities and increased personal expectations yet has allowed me to attain all goals and exceed business expectations. I have been able to strengthen partnerships with healthcare staff and executives. My CDM, CFPP credential is as important to me as my bachelors degree, and with CE opportunities, I continue to strengthen my ability to lead my department and deliver exceptional care to patients.”

James Benard Headshot

James Benard, CDM, CFPP

Palmer, AK

“First and foremost, it means being a coach of the team that works together to provide the best possible service and high quality, safe food to our customers. Having a profession that has enabled me to provide for my family, to be able to support staff during personal hardships, and to provide congratulations for personal successes of my team is rewarding. Making a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small, is what a CDM, CFPP does day in and day out! ”

Sandy Brandon Headshot

Sandy Brandon, CDM, CFPP

The Villages, FL

“When I received my certification, it was such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I was and still am so very proud of what I do daily. The things I do for the people who choose to come to my facility for care is something I feel very lucky to be able to do, thanks to being a CDM, CFPP. It allows me to care for people to the best of my ability; my patients deserve the best care and being a CDM, CFPP allows me to do my part in helping with their care and to be on the road to recovery. Being a CDM, CFPP means that I can help people and I can't think of anything better. I am proud to be called a CDM, CFPP.”

Connie Washington Headshot

Connie Washington CDM, CFPP

Osage City, KS

“It gives me a sense of accomplishment and the tools and confidence to help others to achieve the same. It prepares me and my staff with the ability to deal with all the changing situations within the care system.”

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