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A Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional (CDM®|CFPP®) has the education and experience to competently perform the responsibilities of a dietary manager and has proven this by passing a nationally recognized credentialing exam.

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The Certified Dietary Manager is the cornerstone of the collaborative Dietetics profession.  ANFP positions the Certified Dietary Manager as the expert in foodservice management and food safety.  Learn more about what ANFP offers!



Reach Your Career Potential With CDM Certification

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by earning your certified dietary manager, certified food protection professional credential!  The CDM, CFPP designation is more than just letters after your name.  It's a career decision that shows a commitment to your profession and the clients you serve.  A CDM has the education and experience to competently perform the responsibilities of a dietary manager, and has proven this by passing a nationally-recognized credentialing exam and fulfilling the requirements needed to maintain certified status.  Achieving your CDM credential is both a personal and professional accomplishment.

Are You Eligible to Sit For the CDM Certification Exam?

Individuals with the acceptable amount of education or work experience may automatically be eligible to sit for the CDM Certification Exam. If a person meets any of the five pathways of eligibility, they are eligible to take the exam. Learn more about the pathways of eligibility and see if you may already have the school and work requirements necessary.

What's New

  • CE Audit Began on June 1

    The CE audit process began on June 1 and many individuals have already successfully completed the process. CBDM moved to self-reporting on June 1, 2014. Self-reporting and the auditing of CE records is considered a best practice for credential holders who maintain their certification through continuing education. In order to ensure the integrity of the credential, CE records must be audited for accuracy.
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CDM Resources

CDM, CFPP Career Info

Discover the power of the CDM, CFPP credential. CDMs are nationally recognized experts at managing dietary operations. Many work in healthcare – nursing facilities, rehab centers, senior living communities, or hospitals – while others work in correctional facilities, schools, or the military. See what it takes to become a CDM, CFPP and what opportunities will arise.

Scope of Practice

The CDM, CFPP credentials indicates than an individual has the training and experience to competently perform the responsibilities of dietary managers. CDM, CFPPs work together with registered dietitians to provide quality nutritional care for clients. Learn what tasks CDMs will perform on a regular basis.

Standard of Practice Documents

Professional practice standards serve as the basis for quality dietetic practice for dietary mangers. These practice standards serve as a guide for certified dietary managers and are updated as necessary. New standards are added regularly.